No Siri enhanced quality Voice

I use the iPhone 7. When I try to activate Siri voice-enhanced males, the noise was not reappear in IOS 10.2. Whereas in the iPhone 6S male voice Siri was available. Is there a friend who experienced something like this?


No enhanced Siri quality voice

I am using a 6S, and had to back up and restore from iTunes. I too have noticed that there are no enhanced Siri voices also. I am running the latest iOS vdersion 10.0.2.

What should we do?

So, what should we do now? Because I think Siri enhanced quality voice is the default voice for the iOS 9 and 10 . Why is it disappearing now? Hope there is an answer from someone who has this problem too. I have tried to restart my phone, do hard reset, but the problem is still exist.

high quality voices in IOS 9

Their are high quality voices in IOS 9. I use them all the time. I run IOS 9.35 on an IPod touch fifth generation. I am not able to update unless I get another IPod generation unit. In this case, the IPod sixth generation.

Yes of course in iOS 9

Of course in iOS 9 you can find the Siri enhanced quality voice. But, after I updated to iOS 10 and using the iPhone 7, that voice is disappearing. I have tried to restore my iPhone to factory settings, but it doesn't do anything with this Siri enhance quality voice. I am very .

No enhanced Siri voice

Well, you may contact Apple Accessibility, and let them know about this issue.

Interesting... I have a very

Interesting... I have a very confusing case here. I like the enhanced Siri voices for American English, but for my native tongue of Mandarin Chinese, the default voice sounds more smooth. Well, the iOS speech setting doesn't give me a choice between default and enhanced, and now I have both Siri voices in enhanced mode. Kind of tricky here...

interesting issue.

Like i said before the issue of the enhanced siri voices not being in some peoples IOS devices is related to the apple ID's not sure what that is all about but I would like to know this myself I have the enhanced voices but I know some of you don't so I would like to know what is happening.

lets try and clear this up shall we?

I'd like to help clear this confusion up if I can. For the enhanced Siri voices to download to your phone you must first plug the phone in and connect it to Wi-Fi. That is the only way they're going to work. In an earlier thread I had said that the enhanced Siri voices work with VoiceOver but I was incorrect. Unfortunately, probably due to space limitations, VoiceOver only uses the compact Siri voices. It's a real shame too because the enhanced voices sound great. So you can use the enhanced Siri voice for Siri itself, but not for VoiceOver. Remember, plug in your phone and connect it to Wi-Fi and the Siri voice you've chosen will download and be used automaticly afterwords.

Appears on iPad, but not iPhone

I have noticed something that may be causing this confusion. On my iPhone I do not see the option to download the enhanced voice for Siri. If I look on my iPad though, I do see the option to download the enhanced Siri voice. Is it possible that the iPhone uses the enhanced voice for Siri by default so not requiring a download?

Enhanced Siri voices


Here’s my situation..

I’ve updated to ios10.02 on both my iPhone 6s, and iPad Pro 9.7. I prefer to use Siri Female enhanced UK English.

Not a single problem with the iPhone 6s, Siri Female enhanced UK English voice downloads and works perfectly.

However, on the iPad. I don’t even have the option to download the Siri enhanced voices for male or female.

The only differences were:

I updated to ios10 via over the air update on the iphone. Whilst the update on ipad via over the air crashed. SO had to update via iTunes.

SO, Siri enhanced voices works fine on iphone 6s, but not on iPad Pro 9.7

I’ve emailed Apple Accessibility and explained my situation. So we shall see how we go..

Take care.


No Siri Enhanced Voices Either


I've updated my iPad Mini 2 through iTunes and I too have plugged it to the wall and turned on Wi-Fi but when viewing the voices, no enhanced voices were available for download.

I am at a loss for words as I do not know what else to do. I preferred Samantha compact a long while ago, but when iOS 9 came out, Samantha's voice got worse, so I switched to US Siri Female compact and downloaded the enhanced voice as I used it for Siri itself. But when I updated to iOS 10 originally, I seemed to still have the US Siri Compact and she sounded the same. Somehow, something happened and the voice changed to a Eliquence style robotic voice and when I returned to change it back to the US Siri Female compact, the voice was no longer sounding the same, it sounded worse, and when I checked out Samantha, her voice quality returned to what it used to be in iOS 8, so I switched to her and have left it be. I do see the US Siri compact, and when I use Siri itself, the voice quality is from the Enhanced voice, but again, when I look in the voices for VoiceOver, all Siri voices only have the compact voices. So again, I am at a loss for words and have just accepted that my old Siri Female voice is gone and I have to return to Samantha, which is not that bad but I had begun to start liking and getting used to the Siri Female compact voice.

Okay, so why can't

Okay, so why can't all of you just send a report to Nuance Communications Inc. and Apple Accessibility? Wouldn't that be a great idea so that they can fix the issue with the Siri voices missing? The Siri voices aren't missing at all for me. I live in Canada and sometimes I would use the English (U.S.) Siri voice on both my iPhone and iPod touch. However, most of the time I use Samantha.

Siri Enhanced is Gone

I have sent feedback to the Apple Accessibility, but to clarify, the Siri voices are still there, it is the Enhanced Siri voices that are gone. The compact versions of the Siri voices are still there, but the enhanced versions can no longer be chosen as a VoiceOver voice. This is not really a big deal for me as I just changed to Samantha, but I just find it a bit of a shame that the Siri compact voice has changed significantly.

Siri voices.

What i would like to know is how a person can get the voices back when it is clear that the voices are on some peoples Idevices and not on others what is going on?
We should be able to have the voices like we used to be able to.

I'm confused

I thought the female Ciri voice *was* Samantha. So if you can choose the Samantha enhanced voice, isn't that the same as the enhanced Ciri voice?