No Haptic Feedback on iOS 13 with iPhone 7 Plus

Hello everybody. I own an iPhone 7 Plus with the system haptic (I also have the sounds and haptic setting in Settings). the problem is that I'm unable to use the new haptic feedback with VoiceOver. On Accessibility > VO > Audio, there appears just the option "sounds", similar to the ipad which doesn't have any taptic engine.
I cannot understand this behavior because the iPhone 7 was the first generation that had the new taptic engine... So, why doesn't this work?


Same here. Been running the

Same here. Been running the beta when I was surprised to see no 'sounds and hapticks' in VoiceOver's audio settings.

I think it seems to be an

I think it seems to be an artificial restriction. Technically, I can't comprehend this behavior because all iPhone 7/7plus have the same taptic engine like an iPhone 8, whereas, the iPhone 6s just has the 1st generation of the new vibration type.

So I contacted Apple

So I contacted Apple Accessibility via E-Mail and they wrote that the new VoiceOver haptics are supported on iPhone 8 or later. They didn't named any reason why this don't work...