The new voices in iOS 10

Hi All, After voices are downloaded, is it possible to delete the ones you don't like? Tried a few of them and I keep going back to Samantha. Thank you.


yes indeed

Go to options where you downloaded the voice from, focus or select the voice you no longer want and flick up or down with 1 finger,and double tap delete

Thank you.

Hi Falcon Wings, Thanks so much. Worked perfectly!

I was able to delete some

I was able to delete some voices that way, but after downloading the siri male voice, which is much worse than it was on ios 9 in my view, i cannot delete it. Strange...

I'm so glad we have more

I'm so glad we have more options for voices. I did try Tom for maybe for half a day. He sounds great, but does not pronounce stuff right. I did have Alison, but she sounds kind of like an airhead. I downloaded Ava a while ago. I still have Alex on my iPod Touch.

My voice using feedback

My favourite on iOS 9 was Siri female enhanced, but since I couldn't access the enhanced quality Siri voice at all on my iPhone se (no download button, only the compact voice is visible), I switch to Ava enhanced. I like Samantha, but sometimes I find my ears tire after listening to her for a very long time. And yes, I'm also happy we can get more choices.

I like the voices.

I would have to say that the voice of the new ones that I like best is Ava. I think that Samantha just sounds like she is mad at the world.

Yes, Daniel on the British

Yes, I agree, and I also enjoy listening to Ava. Daniel on the British camp and Samantha on the American front are both too harsh to my liking. As for Tom, he's nice and gentleman-like, but a bit nasal, like the previous poster has said. But I'm glad that we can have Ava on board. Wish that Siri female enhanced would return, but looks like there's no chance now.

My Favorite new voice

My favorite new voice on iOS 10 is Tom. I do agree with Eric about Samantha though she does sounds like she's mad all the time.

New voices.

Whether y'all are gona believe me or not, I'm liking the samatha voice better myself. Different stroke for different fokes isn't it?

I have downloaded many voices and I feel most the new voices are like someone imitating lol.


Tried to Delete, But No Dice

I tried to delete Fred. He really sounds like a Dectalk synth. Yuck.
But no matter how hard I flicked, I could not get rid of Fred. It's a pity you have to actually download the voices before you can even hear a speaking sample.
Me, I'm still waiting for my beautiful African-American male voice, with a name like Isaiah or Andre. Just a suggestion. LOL