New PeopleFinder Lite app released by Sendero

Hi all, Just thought I would post this to say sendero seem to have released a new free app called people finder light, which isn't on the applevis ios app directory yet. I would submit it myself but although I can find it on my phone easily I can't find it using google so that I can get the app store link. The app seems accessible, though I have nobody I can test it with. I did notice one issue with it and that is in the settings part of the app it wraps around to the last control if you keep flicking to the right but that's the only accessibility issue I have found so far.


Now posted to the App Directory

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Alex, many thanks for the heads-up on this new app. I've now added it to our App Directory for you - Here's the US iTunes App Store link -