New iTunes, new problem

I downloaded the new iTunes yesterday and they have changed it a lot. I am no longer able to add songs to a playlist. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Please send responses to I wish I hadn't downloaded this latest version although some of it seems easier to use.


How did you have your iTunes 10 set up?

The reason I ask is because I used to use what's called the Column Browser, and I thought it's what you might have used, too. It's a nifty little feature. What it does is put each category into it's own list view, so that you have three (or four, in some cases), separate lists, each displaying different content. One list contains artists, another contains albums, and another contains songs; you can add a genres list if you like, too. Anyhow, whenever you select one thing in a list, the other lists change to reflect only items from that list's selection. So, for example, I want to find only albums and songs by Journey. I select Journey in the artists list. Then, the albums list changes to only show albums by Journey, and the songs list does the same. I also have iTunes sync only selected meedia. There are thre ways to sync to an iPhone. Autofill, sync selected, and sync checked items. You can find a good explanation of the differences between the three syncing options are at: There is also a fourth syncing option, called manually manage music, but it's kind of lacking, in my opinion, because any changes you make to tracks in iTunes will not be reflected on the iPod--you have to resync the songs. It also involves dragging and dropping the stuff you want to sync--something I'm not sure how to do. It's only advantage is that it lets you copy stuff from a friend's computer onto your iPod. I'm not sure how you'd get the songs back into your own iTunes library, though. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on any of the iPhone models. I'm not sure how it works on any of the iPad models, but the iLounge article said that it worked on those--though I can't remember if it specified any specific models or not. Also, you might want to check out the latest FSCast on iTunes 11. It can be found at: It explains the Column Browser in more detail. The relevent information on this can be found at 00:53:01 in the file. If you use Winamp, you can get to this particular time by pressing ctrl-J and typing in 53:01, then pressing enter. I don't know how to do it in any other media player, though. Although the podcast explains how to make these list views appear for music, it doesn't go into detail about hhow to do it for books. For books, you need to check the "List" radio button. This will probably make more sense when you've listened to the podcast. Hope this helps, Shersey

This didn't work

Hi All,

OK, this didn't work so I suspect that this is not the newest release of iTunes that was used.

I have figured out how to do it by copying and pasting but it sure is cumbersome.

Anyone who has a better way with the most recent version of iTunes it would be great to share.


Unless something has changed

Unless something has changed you sync your iPhone with iTunes. Make sure that you select what info you want to transfer to your iPhone. There are several things that will transfer including your apps. Just make sure that the apps sync is checked and they will transfer to the phone.


What exactly did you do to add songs to playlists?

I just did sync selected a few days ago with iTunes 11, following the steps I gave above, and it worked beautifully. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for my audiobooks playlists--no matter where I look, I cannot find those playlists to sync. I have made them, but I can't find their checkboxes. I've looked under the music radio buttons, under the books radio button, and under both the music and books sections of the iPhone when opening up it's treeview. Anyhow, that's another topic entirely. I like sync selected pared with the column browser for a few reasons, the most important ones being that you can actually find your music, and once you make the playlists, you can check their boxes and then just leave things alone. Of course, if you change your music a lot, you might want to make two playlists, one for stuff that stays on your phone no matter what, and another that you change on a regular basis. You can go and delete the songs from a plsylist and just add new ones, keeping the playlist's name the same so that iTunes still syncs it to your iDevice. Anyhow, the column browser works in all versions of iTunee, from I think 9 to it's current version, 11. You should be able to get it to work--I have. Would you post the steps you were taking to add songs to playlists before you started copying/pasting, and I'll see if I can't help you out? By the way, you don't have to use sync selected, I just thought it might make things a heck of a lot easier for you if you did. Personally, I've never used anything else, and I really don't like any other view. It's too complicated, and the sync selected makes it so easy to get to what you want. Anyhow, good luck. I hope you can figure things out all right. Thanks, Shersey

I ended up using command C to

I ended up using command C to copy a song, then went to the playlist and used command v to paste them. I did this at a point where the songs were in a window on the left of the screen where I copied them. Then I hit tab four times and it put me in the area where the songs already on the playlist were listed. I then used command v to paste them into that list.

While my iPod was attached to

While my iPod was attached to my iTunes I selected Sync playlists and then selected the playlists I wanted on my iPod I don't do the put all my music on my iPod because there is not nearly enough space.