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My name is Bence from ConfusedMillGaming and with the help of the forum members we have developed a new reflex game for you!

I have some spare promotional codes.

Please try it and share your expereince.

Promo codes are first come first served. Post it back if you used one.




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wow this game is hard hard

wow this game is hard hard hard. I got to level 2 and got a score of 19. Do I have to swipe my finger up or tap what direction the sound is going? I'm slightly confused. Good game though.

Good game

Thank you for make this game accessible for the blind I am really enjoy it.
My high score is 50 lol.
Thanks again for make this game accessible

Yeah, it is hard

I really like playing this game, the different things and the sounds. And as to how you play at you sort of swipe it in the direction of the sound like, what is that game along with the zombies that one. Sixth sense I believe it's called. Anyway thank you. For making the game.

can't get the game to start

I can't even get the game to start, all I get is a bunch of clicking sounds as I slide around the screen.

Double tapping on the icons plays varius sounds.

Sixth sence had the menu items spoken.

Is there some sort of accessibility mode that I don't know about, cause so far I'm unable to get past the screen where it looks like it's a learn game sounds feature.


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It should start when you click the icon. It should be working with normal voice over. It forces voiceover usage. Normal doubletap on play button should make it start. Actualy I'm not aware what sitxh sence is. Help me out?



Sixth Sense

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Sixth Sense is a 3d shooter game. You can look it up on Applevis or on the App Store.


How do you use promo codes? I've never used one before and don't no how to go about using it.

I bought the game.

I bought the game. It's quite fun I got to level 4 or 5.
It's a bit tricky hitting the objects but once you get used to it it's good. Actually when it gets faster it's easier to get points.

promo ocde usage

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In the store there is a "Redeem" button lower left corner.

You will get the game free!

Still thank you for buying.

Please give us starts and promote to your friends if you like it!


Description of the game and how it is played?

Hi. I've read the entry for this game on the app store, and it sounds interesting. I am interested in reading a description of the game from an accessibility standpoint and thoughts regarding game play and accessibility from those that have played so far. I'm leaning towards buying it.

What I know so far after trying it

Hi! I just bought Sound Ninja myself, as I have no idea how to deal with promo codes. I've tried the game, although I'm pretty lousy at it so far, but at least I can give you an idea of how to play it. When the game opens, turn your device so that the home button is to the right: you can play with VoiceOver running, but the game seems to be self-voicing anyway so you can turn VO off to play it, although in either case you'll need earbuds or headphones. After you've double-tapped where it says "Start Game",you'll here sounds from either your left or your right: if these sounds are musical instruments such as a piano or marimba,tap once to win points, but if you hear ticking, that's a bomb which you should ignore. If you double-tap after starting the game, it will pause it, so double-tap again to resume it: this seems to be the same whether VO is on or off. There ya go, those are the basics of this game, so good luck if you decide to buy it or use a promo code to get it for free! Speaking for myself, my highest score is only 3 points so far, but I'm a Sound Ninja newbie right now, so hopefully my score will soon improve.


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Thanks for answering instead of me :)

There is a help menu in the game. Pressing the help buttons in the sub menu, will explain how the game works.


I hope I explained OK

I hope I explained the game all right, as I was just going from my own experience of it to do my explaining. Since the person posting here who asked how it works didn't have the game and wanted an idea of what it was like, I described how I play it. The reason I pointed out that I'm not good at it is, I wanted them to know that it's not easy for everybody, certainly not for me so far anyway! (Smile).


Hi Clare. Thank you for your explanation of the game play. I bought the game, and I like it. I think it has the potential to be really addictive. I find myself frequently pausing the game inadvertently. I wonder if it might be possible for the developer to change the pause gesture, as it is often too easy to tap too quickly while trying to catch the instruments and pause the game.


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What guesture would you use? If it is annyoing we can fix it.

Bence (Developer)

gestures for pause

Hi. I was thinking maybe a swipe gesture to pause and resume the game would be good.

Swipe to pause

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I think you should use swipes to hit the instruments.. probably you are tapping now. Swipe is better. ... So it would be bad to use swipe to pause. Most of the players use swipes to hit.

Try that... maybe you will not have problem with pausing at all :)

Waiting for your answer


swipe to hit the instruments works

Thank you for the suggestion. Swiping does catch the instruments, and I am not accidentally pausing the game anymore. Great game! I'm getting the hang of it.