New app to look up Bible verses

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I have written an app called Spoken Verse where you speak a bible verse address and the app will lookup that verse in one of three versions of the Bible and speak it back to you. You can also say the book, the word "Chapter" and the chapter number to have the app read the entire chapter back to you. It is currently being beta tested and I would like to open the testing up to any who would like to test it.

Use this Test Flight link to join the testing.

Thank you for helping. Please send feedback. This is a free app with NO ads.


#1 Problem with voiceover

When I say the book chapter and verse it also picks up some of what voiceover says and I could not get it to find and read the material. Am I doing something wrong? When I say they book chapter and verse it also picks up some of what voiceover says and I could not get it to phone and read the material. Am I doing something wrong?

#2 Voiceover

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The app is not designed to work using voiceover. Just press the button, say the address, and press the button when you are finished. Since the app listens to you say the address any other speech is picked up by the mic. Try it again after turning voiceover off. Thanks for testing!

#3 I hear you

Burt, for most of the people on this list, it is a real pain to have to find the button then turn voiceover off without moving your fingers in order to make the app work. Could you add a gesture instead of having to find the button?

#4 Voiceover

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You can make a shortcut to turn off voiceover and turn it back on again. Go to settings> general> accessibility. I hesitate to make the app do it since you may close the app and then would have to turn it on manually. I also understand that Siri can turn it off and on.

#5 Voiceover

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It may be possible to make it so you can just tap the screen anywhere. Instead of the button, just a screen tap and when finished recording another screen tap to end. Do you think that would work?

#6 It would dare definitely be

It would dare definitely be worth trying. Also, when I dictate in apples system it does not hear voiceover. Bears investigating.

#7 Dictate

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So do you not have the problem when you use dictation? Sorry for my ignorance but I don't use some of these features and only want to provide the smoothest and best experience.

I can make a section of the screen in the middle act as a button and remove the button's name so voiceover doesn't interfere?? I can still leave the name on the graphic but voiceover won't speak it. Is there another way? Thanks.

#8 Feedback

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Has anyone successfully used the app? What needs to be done to make it move available and accessible? How would you suggest that it be changed? Thank you so much for your help.

#9 Wow I like this

This is a great idea, the problem is that if you turn off voiceover and you don’t tap the right part of the screen it doesn’t find the button. What I did to figure it out once instead of turning off voice over, I did a three finger double tap and turned off speech and double tapped the button and it worked. I don’t know if that would work for everyone know. I know I just gave you some feedback and honestly I don’t know what to tell you you could do to fix this issue I am not a technical person, I just wanted to test this because I like the idea.


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The app has been updated in an attempt to make it work better with Voice Over. Please try it out and tell me your experience. You need Version 1.3. It should be available in a day or so. Wait to download until it's available. Thank you.