New to App Development in iOS

My name is Ricardo, and I am new to app development on iOS. I have developed a little for windows using Java, but I have taken a look at Swift and liked its syntax, a perfect blend between Java and Python I think: simple but thorough.
Now one of the things I've tried to do on windows but haven't succeeded at is making an audio games, mostly due to the fragmentation of audio specific libraries and there not being enough documentation and examples for my taste. However, I want to try this again using iOS. I know there are frameworks Apple has in place to support audio, and writing the logic of a very simple game in Swift would be rather simple. My questions are these:
1. Is Swift a good option for developing an audio game for iOS?
2. How easy or hard is it to put UI elements on the screen using XCode and Voiceover? In my experience it hasn't been too easy so if anyone has tips on this, let me know.
3. Are there any general tips that I would benefit from in regards to general app development, I.E. Swift tips, resources, audio frameworks, ETC? Thank you so much!


New Swift UI

I know there are suppose to be Xcode accessibility improvements in Xcode 11 that is in beta right now. Also it is suppose to be easier to create your UI in the new Swift UI that was mentioned in WWDC just a week ago. You can download the WWDC app and take a look at some of the videos concerning it. Also I believe there was a gentleman who did a youtube series on doing 3D audio in Swift. The name of the channel is OSeyeris.

Greg Wocher