Netflix app on new Apple TV

Just set up my new Apple TV and downloaded Netflix app, but can't work out how to turn on audio description


I'm baffled as well because

I'm baffled as well because there's no longer a language option like in the third-generation! I held pause thinking that's what I would have to do and there is an audio option but it's mainly for airplay not language. My second thought was let me go turn on audio description and accessibility on Apple side I did that still no go! So I'm a little puzzled how this is supposed to work I'm wondering if Netflix just does not have a built-in sent so new. Quick question how do you go back one screen? I'm struggling with that.

apple tv remote

to go back a screen think you just press the menu button, that's the top left of the three buttons


Just spoken to Netflix and apparently they are aware of issues with the app and are working on an update. For some reason I am also having issues with the audio language of various programmes, and when I change them back to English this only works until I exit the app and then when I go back to it the programme has reverted to Spanish or whatever


Hi there I was also confused by this so I rung Netflix and as stated they are aware of a problem but they did something at there end to activate AD and it's now working fine just like the previous generation Apple TV

When I turn it on, does Netflix audio describe on every profile?

My mom and I use the same Netflix account. If I call customer service and ask them to enable audio description for me, does she end up with it, too? Or is it just like on the third gen where I can then turn it on and off at will? Also, if it is on for everyone on every profile, does this transfer to the second generation Apple TV as well?
Thanks for the info!