Need Help with A Dark Room

A Dark Room is my favorite game to play, but I need help.
When I go into the supplies screen, it has an exclamation mark next to the word indicating something's happening, and something is happening, thieves are stealing my supplies, -1 wood, -1 fur, -1 meat, every tick.
Is there a way to stop the thieves from stealing my supplies? Thanks.


Yeah but

Yeah but you have to wait until they get caught.

How are they caught?

How are they caught specifically, by battling them or trapping them with my traps?


Eventually, at one point, one of the villagers I think or something like that, will drag them out of the storage room. So, just continue doing what you are doing, until that happens. Then, you can decide to either kill them or forgive them.

Oh ok

Oh ok so I just have to wait then.