NantMobile money reader not for download?

Hi! I'd like to ask you if nantmobile money reader is removed from AppStore. I can't download it in Poland and it is not also on the list of purchased nor hidden apps. Thanks for your help.



Cash reader is the new replacement.

It's a different app

I think it's a different app. I've paid for looktell money reader that became then a free nantmobile money reader and the app is gone.

Yes, it's gone. Cash reader

Yes, it's gone. Cash reader is the new replacement for this app. It's loads better, and quicker too.

I've got it

Thank you guys for your help. I've purchased cash reader but one thing which nant money reader is much better is an automatic detection of different currencies. In cash reader, I have to switch between currencies. Maybe they'll fix this issue.

There is a setting where youc

There is a setting where youc an recognize multiple money types according to what I just read. It can be set up in settings.

how can i download the app

does any one have the copy of the app save somewhere that I can download it? i really like the app and want to put it back on my phone.

Probably not worth

Probably not worth redownloading. Also, it might only be 32 bit... so... it won't work under the new file system that apple's using. Cash reader is a great money id app and works very well, if you don't have it already, get it.


Just curious if this is actually true or if it's a case of misunderstanding. I have seen no indication that Cash Reader is actually a "replacement" for the NantMobile Money Reader app.

It's not a replacement, but

It's not a replacement, but it is a good alternative, and they just added some new currencies over thee past few weeks. This app is growing a lot in terms of what you can identify.

Right. And Cash Reader is on

Right. And Cash Reader is on my list when the budget improves. Meantime, the old Money Reader is fine. Any idea when it bit the dust?

Seeing AI

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Seeing AI is also free, and you get a ton of other features built into the same app.

I’m surprised that Apple has

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I’m surprised that Apple has never implemented this into the accessibility functionality. I do miss the old Money Reader, but Seeing AI has worked for me.