My views on Apple Watch and other products launched

Hello all. I try to be respectful, I try to give anyone the benifit of the doubt. Here are my thoughts on everything released earlier this week well, last as of now.

Iphones, easy as we've always had it. It's no secret technology gets better with time, like a beer or wine, we know the 5S is better slightly then the 5, better then the 4S etc, so the iPhone6 and iPhone6+ big deal? i have another years or so until my upgrade comes in, and i'm thrilled to wait, as long as IOS8 runs ok on my five, I'll take it.

Apple Pay
I have serious concerns which were not covered big surprise during the event, though I didn't expect them to be intelligent enough to do that, they were all about the glitz. My questions, are as follows.
1. When is the payment debited or charged to your credit card of choice? Is it in an hour, a day, the same business day?
2. Scanning credit cards. We're supposed to be able to hold up a credit card to add it into the queue to accept Apple Pay. Ok that's fantastic but what if you have someone such as myself whom doesn't always have the distance calcualted right, to scan the card in? It makes no difference if I use an Itunes card, or the upcoming Apple Pay.
3. This is a tretch I admit, but again a vallid question. You get your phone, but for reasons known to you, you select not to turn on Find My iPhone. What happens when you lose, or get your phone stolen? How much protection do you really have now that you, chose not to enable this feautre? As i said this is a bit of a stretch, but an answer we don't have yet.
The last product, Apple Watch.
I'll be blut and honest, a waste of money. You have two critical concerns in my view, first, you need an iPhone to use, at least the basic one. What if I buy Sally her first Apple watch, but she's still happy with Android, Nokia, etc, which is her right and she should be. so i've wasted nearly 400 dolars on what, something that looks nice? Let's not discount tha the price points can only go up on this tiem and for what? So it vibrates one way to turn right, one different to turn left. That's great. So it monitors my pulse, I can draw little pictures to send to the texters in my group, ok that's nice too. But is is necessary to spend that much on something so expensive? Not to metnion that we haven't gotten confirmation of it's accessibility, and what if the display is not great for low vision users but blind users love the voice over? or the voice over sound tinny but the zoom is good enough?
Where does this leave me? I'm running an out of date phone, already, with not even a hint of compatibility with anything but my Mac when the next OS comes out. So The only way for me to even consider taking part in Apple Pay is to spend the 350 dollars to get a watch that does, what? I know we are supposed ot priase Apple to the high heavens of god bless accessibility, look what you've come out with, and usually I'm all for it. But is there anyone else at all, who thinks I might be somewhat on track here? I'm not trying to start a fight or this is better then that, but does anyone logically see that Apple is trying once they release a new thing, to sweep the other devices under the rug? Case in point, bose sound dock system, series two with the old school connector. I can't use it with my new phone, unless I spend 30 bucks on an adapter or maybe an aux cable that might put audo through to the speaker, or spend another three hundred plus to get a new Bose speaker. I'm all for technology changing, no i don't need the new iPhone the day it launches or the watch or the iPad. but is anyone at all seeing my dislike here?


No problem for me...

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No, I actually don't have an issue with this. It isn't just Apple that does this. It is every company out there that does the same thing. There will always be something out there.

So when I had my iPhone 4 and then they released the iPhone 4s. I really wanted that Siri pretty bad. So I had to wait. Of course they are going to come out with something newer and better. I mean the whole point is that they have to come out with something that is worth looking at. What is the point of selling something if there isn't something to go goo goo about? They would lose sales if there wasn't anything appealing to the consumer. It is all about being able to woo people to go and buy their products. Right? I personally rather them do this than not do anything new at all.

With my current budget. I can't go and buy every model that Apple puts out either. That is why I have to save my money and get excited when I can save enough to get something. So even if I had a year on my contract. I have no choice but to wait. That is how things go.

I could say this for cars, computers, TVs, music records, and such. Something always comes along and try to get us to buy it. So I applaud Apple for doing this. Why not, it's a free market and many others do the same thing. They have to in order to stay in business.

As for this Apple Pay. So my wallet that contains my credit card. Well, it is no safer than my iPhone with Apple Pay. People could steal my wallet or I could lose my wallet. The number of times I had my credit card number used by some person at a McDonald that wans

't so nice. He/she take a picture or take those numbers and use my credit card. So personally I feel so much safer with my iPhone locked. With that Passcode or even those Touch ID to unlock it. Not using those security measure is only inviting people not only to your phone but to your contacts and so many other things. But, you have to be aware to use the Apple Pay. One must be able to use the Thumb ID to verify that payment. So that option is turned on automatically. No way to turn this option off. I believe you have to have the Thumb ID or the Passcode ON to use the Apple Pay. On top of that. One must have your Apple ID password to be able to change any of those items. Now even if you don't use the Passcode and the Touch ID. One can always brick the device via Find my iPhone. I hope at least you have this on. If not, then I see this no different than your wallet or purse.

Some may say. Oh, people will hack in to my account. Sure, that could happen. I mean Target, Home Depot, and so many others all have this problem. So no I don't have any problem with this Apple Pay at all. As the matter of fact. I will feel so much better with it. I can now not worry the other unsecure wallet of mine and leave it at home now. If the phone gets stolen. I'll feel fine. My phone is locked. I call my provider and have them brick it for me. Problem solved. It isn't like where if one steals your wallet. They will go and buy something before you can get a hold of your credit card company. They are that fast and quick. With my stolen phone. I really believe it won't be that easy. So yes, I do feel more secure.

As like you. I own an iPhone 5. So I do have to wait. When my contract comes up when I can get a new one. I will indeed get this iPhone 6. So I can take advantage of the Apple Pay plus the cool Thumb ID that I want. Best things will come when one can wait as my mom told me once.

Now on to the Apple Watch. Yes, I think it is a bit high for a watch that will be outdated in a year or two. However, what really make this really cool. Is that people with health issues will just love this product? I was just reading an article today how diabetics can monitor their blood sugar level with this device with other developers to make this happen. So the possibility is endless for those with health problems. I think this is fantastic.

Personally, I think the Apple Watch was design to appeal a certain market. Much different than say a mobile device. Most certainly a smaller market of people that would purchase it.

Anyhow, that is my two cents. I'm glad of the products they have released in the past week. I'm excited for Apple. I applaud them for keeping us Apple users happy and will be looking forward to my future purchase with Apple.

you ask "What if?"

You ask about what happens if you don't use the "Find my iPhone" feature and someone steals your phone? Well, what if you leave your house and leave the door unlocked and the burglar alarm not turned on, and someone burglarizes your house? Same thing. It was your own fault for not taking advantage of the precautions given to you by Apple.

You ask about what happens if you buy Sally an Apple watch and she doesn't have an iPhone which must be used in conjunction with the watch? Well, you should have checked into it more carefully before buying, right? Again, it's your responsibility, and you take the consequences. It is not the fault of Apple, it is the responsibility of the purchaser or the phone owner.

I don't mean to sound harsh, but it's the reality.

Sally's loss...

Hi Siobhan,

Some thoughts on your post...
There is no doubt that every corporation tries to lock you into their ecosystem and to encourage consumers to continue to upgrade to their newest and latest. This only works, however, if their new products actually supersede current models.
This is something that Apple excels at.
You pointed out that each successive iPhone has been an improvement on the previous model, but only because things have changed. The screens have changed, the size has changed, and, yes, the connector has changed.
If there was not an incremental improvement in relative size, function and efficiency there may be some merit to your concerns that changing the connector was a cash grab from Apple.
But if, instead, you recognise that it is hard to have wholesale change without incremental change it is harder to be cynical about the evolution of a product.

You pose some very valid questions about Apple Pay. These are the same questions that should be asked of any Company that you entrust with your personal information and banking details.
Also, by way of reply, I ask you: How much indemnity is owed to someone who takes no personal responsibility for preserving their own personal information? If the tools exist to safeguard an account (pass codes etc) and an individual like the one in your example chooses not to use them should they not accept responsibility for any losses?

Finally, the Apple Watch. If you buy Sally an Apple Watch and she doesn't want it, can I have it? :)
Have a happy day.
Sea No Evil

Apple Pay

Just a short note - you don't need an iWatch to use Apple Pay. It will function fine with just an iPhone by itself. If you don't want one, don't get one - there's no problem with that, it's just like any other piece of technology.

I definitely agree that accessibility for the iWatch is still an unanswered question but Apple has a good track record and I'm willing to cut them a bit of slack at this point since the thing hasn't even been released yet. I'm sure we'll find out ASAP and if it's not perfect with accessibility yet that it will be soon.

RE: My views on Apple Watch and other products launched

Okay, so I have been watching the AppleVis forums in the past few weeks regarding the new Apple products being launched. It just astounds me that so many people are negative. I, for one having been blind almost since birth, I am extremely glad to be alive at such a time as this. As far as this writer is concerned, (being not a Cool-Aid drinker), we have never had it so good. I remember as a child that having a braille watch or a Perkins braillewriter was just over the top. And now that Apple is possibly bringing accessibility to their new AppleWatch product is so exciting to me I can hardly stand it.

So many other commenters in this particular post feel as I do, i.e., a smart company, who wants to stay in business and growing that is, will always be improving their current lines or bring out something new else they would fall by the wayside. Remember the old council TV's? I wonder how many of those were sold last week? I agree with AnonyMouse, who, in my opinion couldn't have summed it up any better.

I know that everyone has their own opinions, and after reading so much negativity on the AppleVis website in the past couple of weeks, well I just had to throw my own two cents into the pile for what it is worth.

I, for one, will be watching this sites forum related to the new AppleWatch, because I know that others will hit the shelves before myself so most of my accessibility questions should be answered before dropping cash on the counter. As for my reasons for purchasing the new watch... Well, I am on a personal journey for my health and any accessible tool that I can add to my arsenal will greatly assist in this process. If the AppleWatch has even half the impact on my life as my beloved iPhone has had, this means that I am that much further ahead of the game, in my opinion.

Before I got my first iPhone, I was using a standard Motorola flip phone. All I could do on that phone besides talk is to scroll through previously added voice-tagged contacts to choose the person to call. I had done my fair share of research into third party software options but it just cost that much more to make the phone accessible. When I changed to an iPhone I felt like I went from riding the first bike ever invented to flying the most elite spaceship ever made. Needless to say, technology today is a blind person’s best friend.

Anyway, thanks for reading such a long-winded post. I hope that my words help to give a bit of perspective and that the reader will cut Apple a bit of slack. After all, the visually impaired community is a subpopulation that they actually didn't have to even consider. They were already very successful. I know that some don't like being locked into the ecosystem, but, if it works, why complain? I, for one, still use my Windows PC and have no desire or reason to convert to a Mac, but as far as my phone and hopefully watch needs, I'm all in. The freedom of choice is a wonderful thing, right?

Apple is innovative

App Developer

Back in the early 80s, I started with an Apple computer. When IPhone 3GS was released, I did my research, but eventually got one. I plan on getting IPhone6/6+ (haven't determined which one yet). I also have a MACBook pro. I am still learning how to use it. However, Windows is the main operating system for now.

The whole point is that Apple shows proof that their products are completely over the top. Just listening to Apple Watch podcasts on their new releases give me the chills. They engineer hardware that has never been invented. What camera can auto focus on the target? What video cam can take the most unstable video and stabilize it to appear that the video cam never moved. Impressive when you can ride a bike off-road while video recording and make it appear that the phone never rattled around. What company makes the newest phone over 150% faster than the phone released 3 years ago? What other phone has a built in flash drive the size of a MACBook pro? Who built the first phone with a dedicated motion processor equivalent to an I53 dual core processor? What phone has a dedicated graphics processor with almost 1GB of dedicated memory? Apple... They are the only cellphone maker that has created new technology.

Apple has proven they care about customers wants and needs. What other cellphone manufacturer has a built in screen reader, magnifier, other AT? None. What other company has dedicated accessibility contacts that understand the AT as well as the consumer's problem? None. What other cellphone manufacturer can bluntly come out on stage in front of almost 15,000 people and say the new phone arrived, but it is only because we listened to what you wanted/needed in a phone? There might be a few, but most likely none.

Another opinion on the Apple Watch

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I realize this won't be a good thing for some of you, but for many of us, we will have the ability to go to the Apple Store and check out the accessibility of features on the Apple Watch before purchase. It's pretty plain to me: if it works, buy it. If it doesn't work, don't. Of course, I may auction off a bodypart to pay for it, but that's neither here nor there. Hah.

my views

hi. To me, this is really all about choice. Yes, other folks are right it really is your responsibility to check to make sure that our mythical friend Salley has an iPhone before purchasing that watch to go along with it. and if you don't know, it's a good idea to ask, the person working there should be able to tell you. I have to admit I was kind of underwhelmed myself by the whole thing. I didn't see any super major stuff come out that I was interested in, and if I were to get an iPhone 6, you better believe I would be holding that baby in my hands before plunking down a considerable amount to make the purchase. I've seen many people on twitter pre-ordering and I sat there saying, "You better hope you like what you're getting, cause if you don't, you're stuck". This larger screen size of the iPhone 6 is simply Apple's attempt to get Android users to buy an iPhone 6, which by a marketing standpoint, makes total sense. All's I'm saying is, I'll look at one and if I don't like it, I'll upgrade to a 5s and be completely happy. As for the Apple watch, forget it, I have no interest...I can just pull my phone out of my pocket and get the same information. I see no need to send my heartbeat or other annimations to people, it's all just a great big gimmick.

is the 6 plus really much

is the 6 plus really much bigger than the 5s, as 5.5 inches means diagonally across the screen for screen size. 5.5 inches doesn't actually mean the phone as a hole is 5.5 inches wide or long. In fact I am not quite sure how big the 6 plus is physically from side to side or end to end.

my views

I am agree with AnonyMouse his comment is very true.
every company go out with new products each single year it's marketing.
[accessibility points]
apple users of voiceOver and zoom magnification.
apple watch
apple didn't mention anything about accessibility not even what kind of apple Operating System going to run on it, just show up the demonstration.
Who knows whether it will be accessible for us? nobody, only apple.
also good article who AnonyMouse was reading about apple watch will help, how diabetics people can monitor their blood sugar level with this device with other developers but not only that,I was reading also it will allow monitor blood pressure,
it could take up to 2 years cause need to be approved for the F A Q.
also remember this will not take place until next year.
over all I like the apple watch concept.
To Toonhead your iPhone couldn't do that right? not even doing jailbrake.
my current budget if the apple watch do that why not buy it, $350 is very chip just for do that or $1,200 for gold 18 Karat with those features believe me it is not expensive considering if need to check blood sugar and pressure every day.
iPhone 6
4.7 inches is perfect for me it means others platforms has made 4.5 inches screen size since 2 years ago, 4 inches in the currents iPhone's 5 is small for me.
iPhone 6 plus
this device is other world.
This is not a phone or iPad, just is to big.

Re Roxann

I fully agree with Roxann. Let's look forward to the upcoming products and continue to use what we can and preach the gospel of accessibility!

Phone Demensions

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Hello Alex,

You ask how much bigger are we really talking about on the new phones. It may not seem much when you look at the demensions that I have below. When I had made a replica of the devices. I was pretty amazed how much bigger they really are.

In a nutshell the 6+ is almost 1.5 inches taller and 2/3 inches wider.

So here are the demensions for the three models.

iPhone 6+ : 6.22 inches (158.1 mm)
iPhone 6: 5.44 inches (138.1 mm)
iPhone 5s: 4.87 inches (123.8 mm)

iPhone 6+: 3.06 inches (77.8 mm)
iPhone 6: 2.64 inches (67.0 mm)
iPhone 5s: 2.31 inches (58.6 mm)

Give it a try. Make a replica of the demensions that I mentioned above. With using one hand. The 6+ is a monster compare to the 5s. On paper it may not seem that much but when you try it for yourself. You will see what I mean!


Hi, thanks for the

Hi, thanks for the measurements, unfortunately still have trouble visualising the devices, I think the only way I will get a true sense of there scale compared to each other is to actually look at them. I know the 6 plus is a monster, however the way I tend to use my phone and always have is to hold it securely in my left hand and then use my index finger on my right hand to flick on the screen. I never try to hold the phone and operate it with the same hand because holding the phone securely for me is more important. When I am on the phone I don't tend to grip the phone completely all over either, instead I have the phone pressed securely against my ear not really actually grasping the edges. Now what may be a deciding factor for me though I hope it isn't is how snug the phone is to get into the side pockets on my jeans on the thighs. I don't mean back pockets, I mean the one on your thighs near hip level.

Skepticism Re Benefits for Diabetics Warranted

Methinks it would behoove us all to be rather skeptical re the diabetes-related functions that will supposedly be one of the benefits of the Apple Watch. First, if the watch ascertains blood sugar levels via monitoring of intersticial fluid via skin transfer, be advised that devices such as the late GlucoWatch that used this technique were short-lived because they weren't all that accurate and irritated the skin. Second, any device of this nature will require FDA 510(k) certification to be marketed and this may well imply evaluating the accuracy of the whole system including the iPhone 6 at something like a million and a half bucks for each marketing certification application Add VoiceOver into the mix and the FDA may well require and *additional* certification. In other words, whatever other benefits the Apple Watch purports to offer, we should approach claims re diabetes control with caution.