Moving Apps in iOS11

I can’t move apps in iOS11. Apple tells me to touch and hold the app icon until in the edit menu, but if I do the touch and hold thing, I get the shortcut menu. If I swipe up, or down over the app name like in iOS10, I only get Activate. Can anyone help me?


disable 3d touch

Hi. You will need to disable 3d touch. Settings, general, accessibility, 3d touch. make sure it's set to off and you *should* be able to double-tap and hold on an app and get the edit mode to activate.

Moving Apps in iOS11.1

Thank you Toonhead! It was driving me crazy, and turning off 3D Touch didn’t even occur to me.

Disabling 3D Touch not necessary

It's not necessary to disable 3D Touch, but you must touch the screen lightly to enable drag mode. If you don't like or want to use 3D Touch, then by all means disable it. But if you want to use 3D Touch, you can do so and still move apps successfully. Just touch lightly like you were reading Braille.

Another Solution

I didn't want to disable 3d touch but was having a similar problem. Under accessibility, there is also a setting to change how hard you have to press to activate 3d touch. When I changed it to 'firm' it made things a lot easier.