MovieReading App

Has anyone tried to use the MovieReading App with Voiceover on an iPhone? I am based in the United Kingdom and I downloaded the app to try it out. When I tap on the "Market" Tab, nothing seems to happen. Am I not supposed to have access to choose audio description for a movie? Am I doing something wrong?


Movie reading

Hi I have just downloaded this app and when I go intot he mark I see only one movie for this week it is Philomena so I can download that one for this week. Audio described

movieereading app

hi there, as the app states you will get 2 first run movies each week, and the audio described ones are being tested with one movie only right now. I hope this expands in the near future, especially with new releases coming out next month and in the year to come.

Advocate for MovieReading

From what I can tell, here are all of the phone numbers to reach distributors: lions gate 310-255-3700 warner brothers studio 818-954-6000 20th century fox coper ration 310 369-1000 paramount pictures 323 956-8398 sonny pictures inc 310 244-4000 universal studios 818 7771000 walt disney. 818 560-1000 cvs films. 310 575-7000 Clarius entertainment. 310 360-7000 focus features. 818 777-7373 open road 310 571-2200 Phase 4 Films 866-495-3650 Relativity media. 310 724-7700 roadside attractions. 323 882-8490 We should all call to advocate for this service. It should be available for all movies.