Mouse Commands with VoiceOver

Hi all!

In Mavericks with VoiceOver, is it possible to route the mouse to the location of the VoiceOver cursor and vice versa? Also, what is the keyboard command for left click?


voiceover mouse commands

To route the voiceover cursor to the mouse pointer use vo shift f 5.
To route the mouse to the voiceover cursor use vo command f 5.

To click the mouse press vo shift space bar.
To double click the mouse press vo shift space bar space bar.
To do a stick click or a mouse down and mouse up press vo command shift space bar.

Additional settings

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In addition to the commands posted above, you can also configure the mouse to follow the VoiceOver cursor always, or you can configure the VoiceOver cursor to follow the mouse pointer. To do this, press VO-F8 to launch VoiceOver Utility, select the Navigation category, then look for the mouse pointer setting.

If you decide to use this feature, you can temporarily disable it by pressing VO-Shift-F3, then re-enable it by pressing VO-Shift-F3 again. Note that this also disables keyboard focus tracking, so be wary of that. Personally, I don't have the mouse pointer follow the VoiceOver cursor and just use VO-Shift-F5 and VO-Command-F5 when necessary.


Thanks both, much appreciated!