Mortal Kombat for iOS?

I know many of us like to play the fighting game: Mortal Kombat on PC or Mac...
or video games consul!
does anyone know that if there have Mortal Kombat for IOS?
and maybe is not accessible. but,
any way to contact the developer to make it accessible?


Interested in this too

Noticed this was brought up on the apple arcade thread. What versions are accessible on what platforms? What advice do players have for making it work? Are there any guides out there? From my understanding it is possible but before buying it or investing in a controller, I'd like to know what is possible.



Some info about MK

Hey all.

Yes, the MK games are indeed playable, I have played all mortal kombat games and they are accessible from the get go, excluding MK sub zero and shao lin muncs because these two were RPG's.
The MK games were and are available on all sorts of consoles, from arcade machines, N64, gameboy, playstation, xbox and the PC for the last 3 games.

The iOS version is not accessible because it's more of a card collection and team builder game than a real fighting game.

Explaining MK in general and the lore behind the series would be to much for this threat.

Greetings Moritz.

IOS version

I did just try the IOS version. It actually says, ''Voiceover is not currently supported by Mortal Combat, please deactivate it to continue'... I did get a few punches done and stuff, but without knowing where the buttons actually are, I'm struggling.

Is there a version for the apple TV? I'd imagine this would be good with the PS controller.

Mortal kombat x

I was able to win the first fight. However, after the fight there is a menu which can't be navigated due to its inaccessibility.


I usually fight using swipes.

MK is one of my favorite games.

I've played Mortal Kombat on the PlayStation but it would be so cool if it could be accessible for iOS. That game really rocks.