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Hi, I recently got a Mac and have figured many things out. However, I have a few questions. 1. Is it possible to play videos on YouTube? I've been searching on the page and can't seem to find the play button for videos. 2. Is there any way that I can make Pandora accessible? I've seen a listing for an app called PNOPub, but I Can't find it in the App Store. 3. Is Spotify accessible? I'm sure that there are other things I just can't think of right now, but I would really appreciate any help. Thank you! Brie,



Submitted by Blind Joe on Monday, January 27, 2014

Hi Bree. Unfortunately, Spotify is not accessible… However, Pandora and YouTube are. Piano Pub is a pretty accessible app but not completely just Google piano pub for Mac and you should find it. As far as YouTube is concerned, I use an app called youview. Give it a Google and you should find that one as well. If you need any additional help, feel free to email me at Happy streaming! :-)

Okay, thanks. I only looked for PianoPub in the App Store. I definitely wish that spotify was accessible. :(

Submitted by Elena Brescacin on Tuesday, January 28, 2014

hello for youtube on your mac I'd give you 2 solutions: or the FlashToHTML5 safari extension, but it does not seem to always work. or, better, try this client you view I'll write a review and record a podcast soon on this, unfortunately i have less time now for applevis participation as I have a lot to work. This app does not seem to be actively developed, with this name at least; but it works fine on Mavericks as well, so, why not using it? it's very very accessible for Pandora I have no answer as here in Italy this service is not available. Spotify matter: for now, the desktop application and the web site are not screen reader friendly; as far as I know, at least. I am using it on my iPad but the interface is not very very friendly, it's better on the iPhone, but I contacted spotify support they say they're working hard on it, maybe it's matter of some time. who knows? I am basically using spotify on my iPad, while I am longing for iTunes radio to come here

Submitted by splyt on Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Folks new to MAC OS always think that apps can be downloaded only from App Store. This is not true. The main reazon why your youtube videos are not being streamed to you in the youtube site is that you dont have flash installed. If you have flash the videos will stream. You can not stop, pause, forward or anything similar, because flash is not accessible for MAC OS screen readers. However you are able to stream because you do not need to press play on it ... videos are automatically streamed for you. So go and install flash, because it will allow you to steam stuff.

Submitted by Maria on Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hi. Actually on some you tube videos, the k key will pause, and I believe there are other short cuts. Make sure quick nav is turned off and these should work. Can anyone else chime in with the other short cuts? I have a feeling j is rewind and l is forward but don't quote me on this. I usually just use the pause.

That's right! J to rewind, K to play/pause, L to fast forward, and seems like you most often also can use the number keys 1 through 0 to jump to a specific place in the video. This doesn't always work though, and I can't tell you what makes it work sometimes and other times not work. But when it works, 1 will take you 10 percent out in the video, 5 takes you to 50, 7 to 70 percent etc... Hope this helps! :) Oh yes, and you can also use an app called MacTubes, where you can also download videos directlly to your harddrive for offline watching or editing or what ever you'd like to do at a later point! Pretty accessible and pretty neat!

Yes, when I was trying to use Spotify, it told me I needed flash player, so I downloaded it. But obviously Spotify still doesn't work. Pandora does work for streaming, but I can't fast-forward as you've said.

Wow! Youtube never started automatically streaming for me, but I just tried it, and it did. The commands worked as well! Thank you so much guys!