Yorufukurou updates?

macOS and Mac Apps

After all the Twitter clients I've tried, including one I myself wrote, I find myself still preferring YoruFukurou (Night Owl). However, it has a few problems, 2 major and 1 minor.
1. Unable to tell if you like/unlike a tweet. This one is minor, and I can totally live with it, but while I'm talking, might as well write it. It just says, "Toggle favorite", not "Like/Unlike", or play a different noise when pressing F.
2. No support for long DMs. This one is one of the more major ones. Twitter introduced support for long DMs a while ago, and AFAIK, Yoru was never updated to support them.
3. No quoted tweet support. This is the most major problem IMO. Night Owl doesn't support quoted tweets. Or, at least, it doesn't support them in the new format (there was apparently an older one, not sure if it works).
Does anyone know what happened to its developer(s)? I love this app, and know that while it's hardly used anymore, it's definitely the most polished Twitter experience on the Mac that I've ever seen. It doesn't truncate text or have weird reading bugs, buttons aren't read when arrowing, etc. These are all problems we see in Twitterrific/Tweetbot, but not Night Owl.