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Hello friends; I want to ask you questions about xcode. xcode how accessible voiceover writing application software? How quickly can I get errors when writing the application shortcut? When I study the lines of code written line by line to identify errors, and people who are comfortable. what are the steps I need to watch for mistakes to be easy to understand? Thank you very much for taking the time



Submitted by Roland on Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hi, well, Xcode itself is basically accessible. However, it is a complex application and your starting milage may vary depending on what you want to do with it. This holds especially for graphical design. The source code editor is VO friendly and so are the "navigators" i.e. the views to list project files, issues etc. I am talking about the latest version of Xcode, I know that previous versions had many more accessibility issues. Graphical design is a different story. The problem here is that VO is simply not able to describe a form layout - and that is understandable. So basically, since this is a free app, I suggest that you try it out and start with something simple to get familiar with all the controls on the screen. Cheers, Roland