Would a reinstall speed anything up?

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Hi all. i have a year old Macbook pro, with a believe four gb of ram or maybe two, I can't remember. Anyway it takes this thing five minutes, not kidding to boot up. I'm not really in the position to upgrade the memory right now, but if I reinstalled the OS would that speed anything up for a little while? Thanks for any help, just thought I'd ask. I've done everything else, looked in the activity monitor and though I don't know what i'm doing, nothing seems out of place. I should also point out my HD is pretty free so I'm just at a loss. Thanks.



Submitted by Dave Nason on Thursday, June 20, 2013

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Hi Siobhan. My first instinct was to ask if uve a lot on your HD but you say it's not that? RAM Memory more-so affects the speed of tasks and multitasking when you're actually up and running, so personally I'd doubt a lack of memory is the issue. Are you under warranty / AppleCare? I don't want to panic you but as it happens I brought my Macbook Pro into an Apple store today and the guy noticed it was slow to boot up. He said that that can be a sign that the hard drive is beginning to fail. They're going to check it out and if there's a problem they're going to replace it, under AppleCare, so no additional cost. A clean reinstall can certainly help with speed, bit of a pain though :)