would like a podcast on how to do a cleane install of OSX

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Hello all, with the release of Mac OSX 10.9 Mavericks not that far off for public consumption. I was wondering if anyone with comfidence experience could possibly create a podcast on how one can perform a clean install instead of just upgrading to the newest OSX from a Voiceover prospective. You see I have read across the web but all of it comes from a visual point of view. So, unless this has already been covered in the past with someone using the Mac and Voiceover then please do point me in the right direction. Otherwise, this year I would ideally love to perform a clean install of Mavericks having previously done the upgrade method from Lion V10.7 to Mountain Lion V10.8 I don't yet have the knowledge or confidence to do this myself but I'm sure with a podcast not just for me but for the benefit of others who would like to do this would be a grate one for applevis and in general for the voiceover and visually inpared community. I look forward to views, comments resources etc on this somewhat complicated topic that I personally would like to master so I can do it myself without any sighted assistance in the future on the Mac with OSX and Voiceover. many thanks Daniel



Submitted by allseed on Wednesday, October 9, 2013

all, easily upgrade and do a clean install of mavericks from any lion or later version of osx. 1> download the installer. 2> when the computer restarts, you'll find a utilities menu on the menu bar of the recovery console screen. 3> choose disc utility, choose erase and start the process of eracing. 4> once this has finished, choose install osx from the menu. be sure to turn vo on at the beginning of the process after the computer boots into recovery console. you'll have freed to work with all the way through the erase and install. I'll post again if there is a difference once I go through the steps but this is how it has been since the move from sl to lion.

I have a couple of questions on this topic. 1. What are the advantages to a clean install as opposed to just an upgrade? 2. I think you forgot to include the instruction as to how to boot in to the recovery partition. Don't you hold down the letter R as you reboot? or perhaps it's command R? 3. Does anything need to be done with passwords and permissions after the install, or does clicking "install OSX" cause the computer to boot up as normal in the new OS? Thanks, Greg

Submitted by allseed on Thursday, October 10, 2013

If you've installed an os beginning with lion, you'll know what to do here. command-shift-r before the boot chime gets you into the recovery console. It is not necessary to do a clean install though, you can just vbuy/download the upgrade from the mac app store and launch it following the normal upgrade prompts. you'll be asked for your password only once but there will be some questions at the end. This is all vo accessible.

Submitted by Armando Maldonado on Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I recently acquired a Macbook air and shall be receiving it tomorrow. The place where I purchased my mac informed me that it will be shipping with Mountain Lion and I am wondering if anyone would please be kind enough to send me instructions as to how I would go about clean-installing OSX Mavrics? This would very much be appreciated.