Windows 8.1 on BootCamp Partition and Macbook Pro Client ID

macOS and Mac Apps

Hi all,
Recently I had an issue, maybe not exactly related to my Mac experience, but experts here may have different idea.
I have Windows 8.1 installed on a bootcamp petition on my macbook pro. Recently, I ordered TDV audio game (three D Velocity) and generated hardware ID from the game menu. I submitted the idea via the main game menu and got the registration details emailed to me. I tried with the client ID, which is the unique number to register the game and play in full mode, unfortunately I was not able to play the game in full mode, I have been given the message that the client ID is typed incorrectly and the lock has not been downloaded. This is not the exact message, still it reads something similar to that. I have contacted the seller many many many times, and was not getting any replies from him. I had to contact PayPal for a refund and the case is still being examined.
Could it be my Windows 8.1 being run on a bootcamp that is Mac based what causes the problem? If so, is there any solution for that? Anybody can provide me with guaranteed contact details for Munawar Bijani, who is the developer of this game to discuss the issue with him?
Thanks for everybody for any help.