is winclone for backing up bootcamp accessible?

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hi all, is winclone standard usable to us as blind users, to help us back up our bootcamp partitions, for those who wish to dual boot? i would want the standard version, to configure bootcamp on my existing macbook air before i upgrade to a higher capacity version. my questions are when i want to use the software is everything labelled? second if i wish to have a bigger partition than that i am currently using for bootcamp at present, when i restore to a new machine is this possible? thanks, Will



Submitted by Nathan Stocking on Friday, December 29, 2017

I have not tried this software. I can look into it and report specifically on its accessibility, but these answers may be useful:
Bootcamp isn't usually happy when it gets migrated. The windows system only sees it as a new computer, and it will usually respond by getting grumpy about your license key. It may restrict your ability to run it until you go through hoops to restore the key. Also, your different computer requires different drivers, and windows may get annoyed that the backup you took includes drivers for things that aren't there and doesn't include them for things that are. You can get the proper drivers from the bootcamp assistant, but there could still be conflicts.
This cloning utility is unlikely to allow you to easily resize the partition. It's theoretically possible, because you could create a larger one, drop in your image (which will show up as the original size) and then use the disk partitioning tools in windows (mostly diskpart from the command line) to let it take more space. If you're not familiar with this, I wouldn't recommend it. It can be irritating and can cause damage if you mess up.
I will see if the software is accessible, but I would recommend a different course of action. Instead of backing up the partition as a whole, back up the data from the bootcamp partition while inside windows. If you want to move to a new computer or resize the partition, you can uninstall your product key to get your license back, do a clean reinstall with the proper drivers and a coincidental cleanup, and migrate the data back over. This may take longer, but your windows environment will be clean, fast, and free of errors.
I'll report back after I've taken a look at the software, but if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.