What tasks do you guys do with your mac and what apps do you use?

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Good evening everyone, before I hop off to bed I wanted to get this out here and see what comes around.

This is probably quite a general question but I'm interested in your replys.

My MacBook Pro will hopefully arive this or next week and although I know what I want to do with it there still might be tasks that I yet haven't noticed and which I can also do on the Mac instead of Windows.

Here's the plan, the macBook should work as a daily driver for some tasks, things as.
Mail, Browsing, Word Processing, social networking calculations in tables possibly audio editing at a later date, making music is not important and isn't planned.
I was planning to achieve those tasks with the build in apps like Mail, Safari, Pages or Word as well as their calculation counterparts and logic at some point.

So, I was wondering, what tasks does your Mac computers do and what apps do you use mostly?
I heard that Chrome apparently is a good alternative to Safari.

So, if you could list some apps you use and that are accessible or at least useable would be pritty great for getting abit more into the system right away.

Thanks in advance.

Greetings Moritz.



Submitted by Adrian Tamasan on Monday, June 29, 2020

I use Mac for lots of things including audio production for my podcast but for many others as well. I like to play a bit of piaano in Main Stage with my usb midi keyboard time totime, not for performance but for fun. Also, along all process of producing podcast episodes I have to use Safari browser for uploading audio files to podcast hosts, but also to write the blog articles. I do this with Safari only. I have no idea why people avoid Safari in Mac. If Safari is correct configured it is a joy to use it. At list for me, with current settings I love it.

Submitted by Orlando on Monday, June 29, 2020

I’d like to use my Mac for the basic things such as mail, web surfing with Safari, And I’ve begun messing around with Boot Camp. I have recently discovered that I can use my MacBook to connect to my PlayStation 4 to play video games in another part of the house and not disrupt the TV screen for anybody else that may want to watch something. Which has come in really handy recently since I have been playing the last of us part two!

Submitted by Karina Velazquez on Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Hello, i have been a windows user since I can remember, but last year I take the step to buy a Macbook air 2019.
My experience has been very disappointing because the main tasks I was looking for to gradually change my windows environment to macOS at work, cant be done at all with the Macbook.
I can surf with safari almost with no problem at all (except with the amazon webpage that opens like popup windows every time I move to a product). I use with no problem the mail app, Spotify, the zoom app, calculator, microsoft excel, one Drive, Google Drive, and garage band (this last one after studding the tutorials over here).
I have some troubles using outlook, but I can still use it more or less, but never as softly as in windows.
Where I have a lot of problems is with pages and Microsoft Word, I use Word a lot as I'm a lawyer and need to make brieves and papers all the time, but my macbook air gets unresponsive when I open big word files and the acquracy of word when using text styles like bold, italics, etc, is very unreliable, while pages is a mystery as I can't find a free guide to fully use it with voiceover.

Another pain in the as with MacOS for me, has been to memorize a lot of keyboard shortcuts, cause there is no logic in them, and each app has their own shortcuts and almost neither of them are the same for the same action in different apps.

although my opinion is not very positive, i haven't quit from the mac and I'm still giving it a chance to become more artful in such expensive devise.

Submitted by mority on Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Hi, thanks for your comment.

Well I can only say what I heard from other people because I don't have any experiences with it myself currently, but apparently for some people safari is sometimes really lagging behind on bigger websites or when dynamic content comes into play.

What setting did you change for a more fluent experience? i also suppose with the safari extensions you can do stuff like add blocking and what not.

Greetings Moritz.

Submitted by mority on Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Hi there.

Yeah remote play also came to mind, wasn't sure though if this would work as smoothly on the mac as on windows, but good to know that it does work.

Wondering if there is an up to date OCR tool that works under mac and behaves like or close to the win 10 OCR with NVDA.

Greetings Moritz.

Submitted by mority on Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Hey there.

I suppose I could have a solution for you regarding the big word files. As it seams to be the problem with the MBA, the CPU and cooling unit are constructed in a way that the airflow can't really cool the CPU so even if you might get full power, it might only last for about 30 seconds at most before you get some heavy throttling from the CPU.
I guess when the ARM based Macs rol around and we get some passive cooling, this could change in the users favor.

Greetings Moritz.

Submitted by Joe on Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Club AppleVis Member

My experience has been great. I dislike Windows for several reasons.
Thins I do with my Mac I can't do on Windows. Record from 2 different browsers at once with Audio Highjack. I can even do more with apps like Tunein etc.. Windows only lets you record one source at once and can not separate out different apps.
I use Word and Pages pretty well. I'm also using a new app called Ulysses which stinks across my iOS devices and I can export to Microsoft word.
I love being able to take calls or send messages from my Mac.
I also enjoy plugging in my iPhone and running audio through QuickTime allowing me to not have to have a mixer to hear two audio sources.
Is everything perfect no but I do love it.
I also game with retro arch and open emule. Playing PSP and Playstation 1 games mainly.