What do you do when an app says that it has no windows?

macOS & Mac Apps
Hi all, I have a few apps on my Mac that every time I opem I et the message that "Menu Tab Pro for Facebook has no windows." I get this with a few other appps too. How do I get a new window to open? Every time I press command N nothing happens. If antone has any advise on how I can continue using these apps, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much, Holly



Submitted by Darrell Hilliker on Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hello Holly, Whenever an app says there are no windows, it usually means there just aren't any windows that are open or in the foreground right now. Press VO+M followed by w to pull down the app's Window menu, then find and press VO+Space on a window to open. You should be all set.