Weird issue with my mac

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Hello, I am experiencing a strange issue with my mac. When I download a program from the internet, it doesn't prompt me to save or run the program. I am new to the mac and I'm primarily used to the windows set up, so this could be a mistake on my part. Is the prompter for saving and running downloaded programs exclusive to windows or is there something I'm missing or not doing on my mac? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Submitted by Raul on Friday, August 25, 2017

It downloads files by default, you need to change it in Safari preferences.
You should find them in the downloads folder or Documents

Submitted by Chris on Friday, August 25, 2017

When you activate a download link, VoiceOver should tell you that the download has started if you're running the 10.12.4 orl ater version of Sierra. It will also tell you when the download is complete. If you wish to check the status, press command option l and you can view your downloads in the list that appears. Once the file is downloaded, switch back to the Finder and access your downloads folder with command option l.