Weather apps for the mac?

macOS and Mac Apps

Hey guys,

First of all, before I even get to my question, I wanted to say thank you to all of you who've been so generously helping me with my questions about my new mac and getting up and running.

What I'm now seeking is an accessible app that will work with Voiceover, quite obviously, which will let me access weather conditions in a specified area. I found a few things in the mac app store, but they're not free, and so I really don't want to chance things, as a lot of these type apps just show you visual radar view, which of corse does us absolutely no good.

Frankly, I'd be super super happy even just to get an app that would let me tune into and listen to various NOAA radio feeds. Even that would totally be acceptable. I'm very very open to ideas. I know there are websites out there, but I'm really wanting this more in the form of an app.