wanting to repurpose an old mac computer as a server

macOS and Mac Apps
Hello, I wish to repurpose my old 2012 mac book pro as a server, however, not sure what to use for this. I will list my requirements and then optional things that would be nice in lists below. Things I need:
  • the ability to host an ftp server to access files on the mac harddrive
  • ability to interact with the mac via a remote connection, issue commands to voiceover using the keyboard, and hear speach output
  • ability to log in to the mac in some way, e.g. after an OS upgrade.
Things that are optional, but would be nice:
  • ability to hear the microphone in realtime
  • ability to hear other sounds, other than just VoiceOver speach.

if anyone knows how I can accomplish all or any of these things, please post in the comments.

thank you, Aaron Hewitt


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