VoiceOver reading flags in mail such as unread when moving through messages in OSX?

macOS & Mac Apps
Hi all I've looked in both VO and mail preferences and can't figure out how to make VO read the state of messages when moving through a mailbox. VO just reads the sender, subject and date. Is there a way for VO to read unread, replied etc before a message similar to how jaws/system access works? I remember VO use to read the message state in snow lepoard. When switching to classic mode in mail preferences, VO just says the word blank 2/3 times before reading the sender of the message. Also, in the mailbox list table, is there a way to show your deleted items? I wish there was a comprehensive getting started with Mac/VO tutorial out there, the apple getting started with VO guide has a chapter on safari but not mail, messages etc. Thanks