VoiceOver output of midi signals in a specific Format using LogicPro

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Hi all

I’m running the latest copy of Logic Pro on my Mac Mini and have set it up so my midi controller adjusts arameters for my T-Racks 5 plugins. The issue is that I need to remember which switch activates which plug-in. This has got far more than my memory can handle (picture a ZX spectrum and halve it).

Any hoo, I am looking for a way to get voiceover to speak the plug-in nam once a control surface button is pressed before going on to activate the control surface command.

I’m sure there might be a way using apple script and virtual midi cables but haven’t got the foggiest on how to start. Unless there is an easy and more obvious way which has passed me by of course.

I am open to any help because I seem to spend more time trying to use what I need to rather than creating music.

Thanking you all in advance



Submitted by Bruce Harrell on Sunday, February 14, 2021

Hi. Have you posed this question on the google groups logic accessibility discussion group? I'm thinkiong you might have a better chance of finding someone who knows.

Submitted by CrunchyKipper on Sunday, February 14, 2021

Thank you. Will try to find it

Submitted by Bruce Harrell on Sunday, February 14, 2021

Hi again. Forgot to mention logic.band. Steve zMartin has been my blind Logic Pro tutor for a few years. If there's a link there to write to him directly, he'd probably know the answer.

Submitted by Jim Homme on Monday, February 15, 2021

I belong to a Logic users group on WhatsApp. I'm a new WhatsApp user. If someone can help me understand how to send the invite link, I'll do it.

Also, I'm looking at a book about automating Mac using things like the Automator app and AppleScript, so I may be able to eventually help you, but I know that will be a while. When that happens, I would need information about your controller.