VoiceOver in night Owl conversation view

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When one tries to view a series of tweets in conversation view within Night Owl (command+3), VoiceOver doesn't read the other tweets in the table out fully, but instead plays the "more available" beep. If one presses VO+r, however, one can read the tweet fully.
Does anyone know how to make this table behave like the other views in the app and make VoiceOver read the table fully?

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Submitted by KE7ZUM on Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Press the zoom button to the left of the tool bar. if it is not there it is to the right. I can't remember where it is exactly but this will fix your problem. this need only be done once.

Submitted by Matthew C on Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hello all. This works for normal navigating of tweets also. When in the list use the k key to go forward and j to go back up the list. Do not interact with the table though. What you would do is find a tweet in the thread and hit command 3. When it has the list just use the k and j to go through it. This also alleviates the bug of replying to the wrong tweet as if you do not interact with the table you will reply to the correct one. If you want to change what your in such as DM's or tweets so on so on hit the command key and either right or left arrow.