VoiceOver & MedCompass

macOS and Mac Apps

Howdy! Have anyone of you had productive experience with VoiceOver & MedCompass (Healthcare)? Is MedCompass accessible?
If you have used MedCompass, how did it function with VoiceOver? Did you have luck with, and forgive me - JAWS?
Since I went blind eight years ago, I have lived & thrived on an iPad and my current MacBook. I have earned a position with a fantastic corporation and they thought JAWS would be the best avenue. I've worked with JAWS for about a week and pretty much imploding on my existence as a human being. I love my Mac. The amazing individuals are offering to give me a Mac but I have to know that MedCompass is accessible via VoiceOver.
Yes, I have read on the training website that Safari is supported but that doesn't mean a blind user has actually utilized MedCompass.
Just an extra bonus question: Have you, also, used Cisco Products(including WebEx and Jabber) with VoiceOver?
I am thrilled by the enthusiasm of the organization to provide these accommodations and I want to be as thorough with my efforts. If JAWS is the only way, I gotta master all of these.


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