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I've been a Mac user for almost four years. All this time, I've been using a Windows machine and JAWS - because I have a job that required me to carry out advanced word processing and to create and update a number of spreadsheets. I've spent today using the new Pages and Numbers apps. Although it is still early days, I am willing to go on record with my opinion that the mac has now come of age for VoiceOver uses and is no longer just a lea lea leisure and lifestyle device but can now be used in anger. The speech offered in Numbers compares favourably with that of the latest version of JAWS. I don't know enough about Numbers to say if it could be used by the sort of people who have really massive Excell spreadsheets, but it is plenty enough for me. Tables in Pages work a dream and again, the speech offered is easily the equal of JAWS. I didn't believe this three years ago, but the makers of JAWS should be very worried in my opinion. Of course, in over 90% of the real world of business Windows and Office still rule the roost, but you have to wonder how long that is going to last with the way Microsoft has been run recently. JT



Submitted by Thomas Byskov Dalgaard on Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hi! That's very good news. But do you know if pages can handle the same kind of sources like Word can do? In Word 2007 and later you could make a reference system while writing and it would help you with quotes and other stuff. That's pretty handy for some people including myself. Can Pages do table of contense? I am just asking before I am thinking of spending the money on Pages, Numbers and Keynote.

Submitted by Tree on Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ever since I switched over to the mac two years ago The one and only major complaint I have had is advanced word processing. I have tried all kinds of things and even though you could not find someone who hates windows more then I do no option on the mac seemed as useable as word. Microsoft office is the only reason what so ever that I have bootcamp on my mac and I would give anything to get rid of it and never look back. If this is true and pages and numbers is up to snuff I think its the most important development for voice over users since apple created voice over. I told myself that I am not going to update to mavrics until I hear a little more about it. I need my computer for school, like I have a paper a long blog post and a group project to do by tomorrow, which makes me think I should get to it. I'm just so excited about new pages I had to post this. Can not wait to try it out.

Hi. Let me remind you, that if you buy a new Mac, Pages, Keynote, and numbers are free. If you already bought them, you are updating at no cost. If you look and it asks you to buy them, give it a little while and try again. I updated with no problems free of charge. Money is not my friend so that's a huge reason I'm thrilled both the mavericks update and the apps if you have them are as well.

I ended up paying for Pages, I think. I got Numbers and Keynote for nothing though. I've only ever paid for iWork once and have had several machines, so I guess I don't mind. Money is my friend, but I'm happy to. I've been a real critic of productivity on the Mac - labelling Macs as toys for people without jobs. I've changed my mind, but I'm not a complete power user, I suspect some of the really advanced things you could do in Word and Excell may still be a struggle. Also, don't expect to be using the web apps any time soon. On the whole though, I really do thing this will be the last piece of the puzzle for most people and I predict the sales of VMWare will decline in the coming year.

Submitted by Rajesh Malik on Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This is indeed a good piece of news, worth celebrating. One of my major concerns is whether Numbers on the Mac can render graphs accessible in the same manner as JAWS and Window Eyes do. If someone can confirm that this is the case, then I might rush out and purchase a Mac right away. I am pleased to observe that advance word processing is now possible with Pages. One other question: Can one make good quality slideshows with Keynote as one does with JAWS and Window Eyes? This will also be a deal breaker for me in deciding whether to approach the world of the Mac computer.