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hello all
I study languages and also use the Arabic TTS besides the English and sometimes I need the german tts
I'm using iphone5 with ios 8.1, as you know voiceover supports language autoswitching so I don't need to use the roter to change language to read a text.
so what about the mac OSx, does voiceover support autoswitching, or I have to change the roter to change the language
I was told that It's not working on mac, so please let me know,
or maybe there is an option to activate or deactivate such a feature
please tell me your thoughts



Submitted by Justin on Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I think someone said that there is no language auto switching on the mac at this time. You'll have to grab the language voices from the speech panel of VoiceOver utility, I believe. If I am wrong, please put your thoughts on here.
Hope this helps and take care.