Voiceover, encrypted disks, and touch-bar mac

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Hi all,

Just a quick one. Does anyone with a Macbook Pro with touch bar have it set up with an encrypted disk? If yes, can speech feedback be enabled immediately after the chime, as is the case on older models with function keys?

thanks for any info.



Submitted by mehgcap on Wednesday, October 10, 2018

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If the question is how to enable VoiceOver, you do this by holding the Command key and quickly pressing the power button three times. This replaces cmd-f5. If your question is whether this works to allow you to log into a File Vault-protected Mac, then yes. VO starts in a simplified mode, with default speech speed and a very long reaction time as you type, but it does work. I suspect it's playing audio recordings rather than running a screen reader at that point, honestly, but whatever it is, it works.