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I have a friend who has had a business and used QuickBooks for Windows. She is now totally blind and the state commission had her try JAWS for Windows and QuickBooks and that was very good for her, and so someone said that QuickBooks 2014 for the Mac and VoiceOver would work. I have a Macbook Pro and VoiceOver works great, and QuickBooks work great separately, but together QuickBooks locks up.

I understand you can get QuickBooks on line and so perhaps that would be better with VoiceOver.

Can anybody help?



Submitted by Bryan Jones on Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hello Patrick,

I'm also interested in running QuickBooks on my Mac. I tried the trial version of QuickBooks for Mac 2014 on my Macbook Air running OS 10.9.2, but it immediately goes to a Not Responding state upon launch. I force-quit the application, turned off VO, and had a sighted person launch the app and click "Agree" to the license agreement screen. I then toggled VO back on and the app immediately went back into a not responding state. At this point I stopped troubleshooting.

The folks at Intuit have made a lot of noise about their recent long-overdue decision to make the Windows version of the QuickBooks product screen-reader accessible. I wonder if they might be working toward doing the same for the Mac version.

Perhaps the folks at myblindspot.org know or could find out about the status of an accessible Mac version, as they were apparently involved in the QuickBooks for Windows accessibility process.

Submitted by albert on Sunday, May 11, 2014

I am going to find out from the team at Intuit if the using JAWS is necessary when using the MAC products with their voice over options. I think I am hearing that as one of the issues. I know that QuickBooks Online is being looked at and reviewed for accessibility and usability issues for 2015, but is not presently the best option for end users using assistive technologies. My Blind Spot has been able to work along side the team at Intuit to bring usability and functionality into the desktop version of QuickBooks, where scripting solutions are needed to maximize functionality at this moment. But the discussions continue at Intuit to infuse accessibility into the DNA of the corporation and their other product offerings. feel free to contact me with regard to inquiries of this nature and I will make sure they are routed to the right people who are listening to the community and taking definitive actions to address accessibility and usability issues for the blind and print disabled communities.

Someone needs to let them know that Quicken is a popular and loved app that they make. The company CANNOT forget Quicken in their new plans for accessibility.

Submitted by Ted Drake on Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hi All QuickBooks Mac is having trouble with a bug in Mavericks. QuickBooks is using an older form of garbage collection and this is triggering the product to hang when VoiceOver and other assistive technology are activated. We've notified Apple and they've created a bug to solve this problem.

Currently, QuickBooks Desktop for Windows is the most accessible version, especially when combined with the scripts developed by MyBlindSpot. QuickBooks for iPad is the most accessible version of the Online product. These videos will show how to use the iPad with VoiceOver

DeQue is working with Intuit to solve an issue in Quicken 14 that blocked keyboard access. This has been fixed and we are working on making Quicken 15 much better for keyboard and screen reader users.

I am the accessibility manager at Intuit and have been working with the various teams to make the products accessible. Prior to Intuit, I was a member of Yahoo's Accessibility Lab. We have made significant progress over the last three years, but recognize there are still many issues to solve.

Submitted by Ted Drake on Monday, June 30, 2014

The main problem, at this point, is that QuickBooks Mac will stall when you activate VoiceOver on Mavericks. This has NOT been an issue with Mountain Lion. The product has some accessibility issues with labels, but we are working on a new version.

Submitted by Bryan Jones on Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ted Drake, I'd like to thank you and your team for putting forth the effort needed to make your products accessible and for taking the time to reply to this thread with information and status updates regarding the Mac versions of QB & Quicken.

Submitted by Ted Drake on Monday, October 27, 2014

Hi everyone
I wanted to do a followup. Yosemite has solved the problem that was causing QuickBooks Mac to hang. This solution was not included in the Mavericks patch releases, so your best option is to upgrade to Yosemite.

This issue involved an older form of garbage collection, which is how a program manages the memory usage while running. The bug may have affected other programs you have used, as it is not specific to QuickBooks. After upgrading to Yosemite, you may want to check if other programs may be working better.

I also noticed this problem occurred with ZoomText, but it was not as dramatic.