Voice Over issues with cursor-tracking and shortcuts

macOS & Mac Apps

Hi! Hope some can help me.

1. I want to use mouse-cursor-trackine (mouse moves VO-cursor) My issue is, that VO seems to click stuff the mouse moves over. For example when I'm on a small window and want to go to the menu bar VO activates windows the mouse moves over, although they are not activated. Hope someone gets my issure and has a solution :)

2. When I use 2VO with Google Chrome VO starts reading the Website and its elements automatically one by one. In Safari its fine. Maybe someone can help? :)

3. I made a custom keyboard layout for US keyboards. Option+u = ü (a german umlaut) Option+a = ä and so on. Unfortunately some of this are shortcuts for VO and instead of typing ü with Option+u some VoiceOver window appears. Can I edit the VO shortcuts somewhere?

Thanks i advance for anyone that tries to help me :)

PS: My first post: Hello! :)