VO says "System Application"

macOS and Mac Apps


I am running Mavericks on a one year old iMac and Yosemite on my MacBook Pro which is slightly newer but they both have the same annoying habit of saying "System Application" once in a while.

On the Mavericks machine it seems to be related to having Safari running but I am using Safari right now on my Yosemite with other apps such as Text Edit and Mail running and it is not happening now. At other times I will be using Text Edit on my Yosemite with Adobe Acrobat, Preview or pages running. and it will blurt out "System Application"
I have not had time to narrow it down on the Yosemite yet since it sometimes takes a wile until it starts to blurt out "System Application"

Is anyone else running in to this?
Were you able to stop it?