Vmware Fusion 6

macOS & Mac Apps
Hello Everyone Vmware has released version 6 of their Fusion software. The below is fantastic news for everybody. It is easier than ever to try Vmware Fusion before committing to a purchase! Simply go to www.vmware.com/fusion and click on the try for free link. The application comes as a disc image. So it is just a case of opening the disc image and copying the only file that is in there to the applications folder. When you run Vmware Fusion for the first time, just follow the instructions, and choose the I would like to try Vmware Fusion 6 for 30 days radio button. Click the continue button, enter a valid e-mail address (only used by Vmware to send you promotions), select the edition you want to try from the group of radio buttons, and click the done button. You can now enjoy the power of virtualization on your mac at no cost for up to 30 days. In case you haven't got the hint already smoile, the application is fully accessible with VoiceOver as all previous versions. I am using the trial as I speak. So it can be done with no sighted assistance whatsoever! Enjoy!


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