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Hi all. I was about to scan my computer, I usually let it run in the background, and I found a link that said Internet barrier image. I clicked it, and it took me to what I am pretty sure was the Virus Barrier maker's website. It started talking about Antigo? Not sure if Igot that right's 2013 premium bundle for either eighty nine or fifty nine dollars. I would consider upgrading, I do like how accesible the free client is, but should I? Is it safe, has anyone used it, do you know anything about it? The other neat thing, is that it scans IOS devices when they are plugged in so that you can know your phone or iPad or iPod touch isn't transmitting any threats toyour mac. I guess this also works with a pc too. so before I just plunk down cash on some strange site, would someone advice me? Thanks for reading.



Submitted by sockhopsinger on Friday, June 21, 2013

Well, I've never used it, but I checked out the version available for iPhone that was on the App store. The reviews on that version don't look too good. It's a good question, though. I'm surprised we don't see more about antivirus materials for Mac and iOS on Applevis. I know that the Apple platform is supposed to be much more secure than Windows, but I'm sure there are viruses out there for Mac and iOS. Sorry, I'm rambling. Just wanted to give you what information I've been able to find on the iPhone version though.

Submitted by Siobhan on Friday, June 21, 2013

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Hi. Thank you for responding. This version, if i buy it, would scan the devices when they are plugged into back up, charge, etc. I'll paste it here. Ok what the heck? I opened the virus program and it put be back in the windows I'm seeing the follow link button to update it, the schedule, scan the rest of it... I swear i'm not crazy. :) The only way it oculd've reverted, is if I had click the don't show me this again checkbox, which I didn't. I wanted to find out more first. Wow, just, weird.