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For quite some time I was forced to reinstal my Windows at least twice a year. As up until now the setting up cannot be done without sighted assistance I am increasingly interested in running Windows as a virtual Machine.
For all of those who are now asking: "why not using a Mac OS?" I study business and law and require reliable, compatible and easy to use productivity software which so far I was not able to find on mac.
Anyway, considering that I require a system which does not become slow because of 3, 1000 pages documents opened I would like to have your input in regards to the following questions:
1. What mac book model would be recommendable for running windows in VM ware, without any felt performance loss to a windows laptop with 2 core I5 from 2013? Note, I am jaws user.
2. What reduction of battery performance would I incur with such a virtual setup?
3. Using Jaws in the VM, are there any issues which may affect the workflow and which are not mendable?
4. The Mac keyboard differs significantly from a PC keyboard. Is it possible to emulate keys such as pos1, page down, delete, etc. in the vm?

Since the system would be changed during semester I would prefer to have as little downtime as possible. I would appreciate if you could help me with some of these questions.





Submitted by Isaac Hebert (not verified) on Friday, March 6, 2015

I am not sure if the models that I have found can run vm ware but I found two 11 inch mac book airs on apple's website one of them have 128 gb flash storage and the other has 256 gb flash storage.
Here is where I found this information.
Here is also a link to an article that talks about the different models of macs.