virtual music jamming software

I was looking for an accessible platform to participate in a music jam session. I see there is jamkazam and jammr applications available on the mac. I have not tried these yet. Anyone have experience in using software to conduct a virtual music jam session?


Try Ninjam

This can be done with Ninjam: To learn more about the use of this program see this episode of Eyes On Success: 1337 Jamming with Other Musicians over the Internet (Sep. 11, 2013) Show Notes You’re a musician who wants to play with some other musicians but no one is around right now. No problem! This week we’ll talk with Andre Louis about how you can jam with other musicians in real-time over the Internet. The tool is called Ninjam and Andre demonstrates how it works. --Pete


Ninjam looks like an app that does not allow for real-time jamming. Also it looks a bit technical for a simple Mac user. I have never installed a server on my computer. Is there any other applications out there that can provide for a virtual jam session? Even if it is between 2 people?

Virtual Jamming

I think that the problem with virtual jamming is the latency time over the net. It would be difficult to play in real time and stay in sync.

The way that Nimjam deals with this is to play, for example, a 32 bar tune that repeats. That way if participants play with someone else they will be playing along with wht what the other person played 32 bars ago. If the song repeats and has the same form throughout (like jazz) this works.

Also, I don't think you have to set up your own Ninjam server since there are other folks out there who have done that and you can join in when you find another connection. Listen to the episode of Eyes On Success that I referenced and this all might become clear. Also, in the show notes associated with that episode you might be able to find the contact info for the person who was interviewed and connect with them directly to learn more.



Hey Dennis ... just loaded Jamkazam .. my friends have not liked in yet so I don't know about the lag ... tried to listen in on other jamming but their 'listen" key doesn't not get me connected ... used ZOOM last night with two other ... no latency but spotty connection ... we were not directly ethernet connected .. which they recommend ... I am still working on it .. looks promising ... HOWEVER tried to contact their "help" page but it says "can't find this page" ... humm ... maybe they have dropped the ball ... stay tuned .... cheers, toby

Jamkazam and zoom

Thanks for the update I tried zoom tonight with about six other musicians. Did not go well. Pretty inconsistent many different kinds of connections but they all seem to have a problem except for one guy who was playing the mandolin and he was using his cell phone as a hotspot so much for ethernet connection.
Thanks for looking this up for me I’ll keep trying and post my results here.
Please do the same if you find something worthwhile or even if you find something that doesn’t work better not to have many people try the same thing.



I cannot seem to find the podcast. to play it. I found a website, but it says I am not authorized to go to that link. Also the podcast is almost 7 years old. That is a couple generations in computer years. Anyway, Can you insert a link to the podcast.