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Hi! I've had some trouble navigating attachments in Mail on Mavericks. Has anyone figured out how to view and save them like in earlier versions of Mail? I know I can save them all from the file menu, but I am not a huge fan of that method so any advice is welcome here. Thanks in advance



Submitted by Tyler on Monday, October 28, 2013

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When you have Voiceover focused on the attachment, press VO spacebar to reveal the familiar contextual menu.

I am noticing two issues with attachments in Mail now: 1. Before, one could navigate to the headers and save attachments that way; this seems to be no longer possible. 2. Attachments are referred to as simply "embedded" without speaking the name of the attached file. At least, this was the case up until today for me. It is now saying the file names of some attachments. Another issue, although not right on topic with this thread, as that I feel that reading messages is not very smooth in the new version. It's never been really that smooth but now, when opening messages, often times there is a lag and it's impossible to move with the arrow keys. What I would like to see, and I reported such to Apple, is the message body of messages presented as a web control so that we can more easily activate links and other form elements. Thanks, Robert

Hi! I've noticed terrible mail behavior with my account since the new os release. I am using gmail and iMap and I really wish I had not upgraded. Also when my mac goes to sleep when not in use, it takes about a minute after pressing a key before I can get any speech at all. Ah well, guess it does no good to vent here.

Submitted by Maria on Tuesday, October 29, 2013

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Hi. haven't tried viewing attachments yet. with Gmail if you google gmail and Mavericks you will get lots of information. If you are having problems with sinking, there are some fixes. I am on a portable wifi hot spot at the moment so sinking is pretty patchy. I seem to be getting new emails though etc. One of the fixes involves showing the all mail folder in imap if it was previously hidden. Not going to do this unless I can limit the size of the imap folder. As for reading messages I'm not having a probe. I simply use voiceover j to jump to the body of the message and voiceover reads it automatically unless I stop it. I hope this helps.

Well, yes and no. VO spacebar will cause the contextual menu to appear, but only after moving the mouse cursor to match the VO cursor (VO Command F5), activating the "Select" function with VO Return, selecting the file with VO Shift Spacebar, then using VO spacebar to force the menu to pop up. I haven't been able to figure out any other way to do this under Mavericks. It would be nice if there was an easier way to do this. (The old Quick Look button was sure handy.)

Submitted by Jakob Rosin on Sunday, November 10, 2013

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Here's what I do. After opening the mail, I will just choose save all attachments from the file menu, choose the location and hit return. That has worked so far.