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Does anyone have a good program that can convert video formats? Currently I am using "AnyVideo Converter" but, the buttons are not labeled at all and it will not read progress of conversions being done. It will alert me when one has finished but, when you are converting 10 .avi files to .mpeg4 files it's nice to know what is coming up ahead of time. Any help or suggestions is much appreciated. I also have Boot camp Windows 7 on my system but REALLY strongly do not want to use it! I'm sure many can understand!



Submitted by Blind Joe on Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hope handbrake works for ya. Let me know if it gives you any trouble and I can recommend some other options. Happy converting. :)

Thanks from me as well. This answered a question I was about to post as well since Handbrake also has a Win 7 version. I do have a couple of questions that I hope you might be able to answer. First, how do the videos you convert and add to your iTunes library show up in the menus of your Apple TV? Under purchased movies/TV shows? Second, any tips on file naming and for filling in the metadata slots under the file info area to make episodic content show up properly in iTunes and the Apple TV menus? I would like it if I could make even home videos show up as neatly and well organized as a purchased TV Show if there are more than a single video taken during a particular event. Third, if I store the videos in my Cloud account, can I play the videos on the Apple TVs connected to my iTunes account without iTunes running on my desktop? This works with purchased videos and digital copies included with disc based movies, so I am hoping I can do it with videos created using handbrake as well. The handbrake manual is really well written and has so far answered all the questions I've had for creating versions of my media geared for whichever device or devices I want to play them on, but obviously they don't deal with issues like these on the iTunes and iOS devices side of things. Any information or advice you can give me on these questions would be greatly appreciated. I've been using iTunes for years now, but have only had an Apple TV up and going for a couple of months now and I never played around with videos in iTunes until I got the box. Thanks, Chris

Hi Chris. In my experience when you import one of these videos into iTunes it marks them as a Home Video by default, but I'm sure I've seen it as a Movie too in the past. In any case it doesn't really matter as you can change it. Once you've imported it, find it in iTunes and select the Get Info option in the context menu for it. There, under the Options tab if I remember right, you can change it to Movie or TV Show or whatever. In the Options tab and the Info tab you can set all the meta-data as you want it, including linking a number of shows as a TV series etc., season numbers, episode numbers etc. I'm on Mac but I assume it's as simple on PC. Not sure about the last question, but I haven't figured a way to get at these without having my Mac turned on with iTunes open. I may be wrong. Dave

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