Using the Word Suggestion list in Mountain Lion?

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Hi, Wondering if anyone else has experienced, and solved, this problem. I just upgraded to Mountain Lion, and have noticed that, in the Text Edit and Mail apps, I can no longer bring up the Word Suggestion List. Under OS-X Lion, after typing part of a word, I could press either "Escape" or "F5", and a menu containing possible word choices would appear. However, under Mountain Lion, this doesn't occur. Instead, the app automatically completes the partially entered word, without providing any options. Is there a means of fixing this, so that I could get the word suggestion list back? Any help is greatly appreciated.



Submitted by Samington_Squire (not verified) on Sunday, August 19, 2012

Worked out how to do it! After pushing "Escape" or F5", you can use "Command+Down Arrow" to cycle through the list of possible corrections. Thanks anyway.