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Recently I purchased the Pioneer WegoDddj 4 controller. When I attempted to use it with my MacBook Pro along with Djay Pro for the Mac, I struck a big barrier with Voice-Over.
With the iPad or iPhone, you can go into Accessibility, then VoiceOver, then navigate to Audio. From there you can restrict VO to headphones-only output while in the Djay app.
I was not successful at repeating this procedure on the Mac. Is there something I’m overlooking? Or is it at all possible?



Submitted by Carlos Taylor on Sunday, May 12, 2019

Yes, you can do this on the Mac. You will have to go into the Mac system preferences, sound, output, and select the main output for your audio. If you want voiceover to use a separate audio source, going to voice over preferences, sound, and choose a different audio source other than the one you chose in the sound section for system preferences.

Submitted by Aymeric on Sunday, May 12, 2019

I use Djay Pro for Mac on a daily basis, to produce a radio show and to mix in parties.... Here is how to solve your problem. first, I used the VO settings described in the reply above.

1. When opening Djay Pro, while having your controller turned on, a dialog box should appear giving you the possibility to choose your sound output for master, pre-cue and microphone. If you mix in a party, with your controller hooked to a mixer or amplifier via RCA, choose your controller as Master (VoiceOver won't be heard then on by people on the dancefoor, only on your computer) and choose the default system for your pre-cue and plug your headphones to the computer, should you absolutely need to hear VoiceOver. When mixing in a party though and although I'm totally blind, I don't rely on VoiceOver, because the noise is too loud. What I do is that I prepare my track list in advance and know my tracks. Besides, with Midi controls and should you prepare your track lists in iTunes before hand, navigating through your track list is really easy.
2. If you mix at home, you and your controller is not hooked up to an amplifier or mixer, via RCA, but only to your computer, when the dialog box appear, choose Default system for your master and your controller for pre-cue and hook your headphones to your controller.
And with all this, this should work just fine. :)

Submitted by Jonathan Candler on Sunday, May 12, 2019

Has anyone been able to use custom samples in the sampler with the latest version of DJay pro? I hate the samples that come with it and have samples that I'd rather use instead.

Submitted by DoubleM on Friday, September 6, 2019

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Sorry it took me so long to read your reply, but thanks so much.As of now my equipment isn’t all in one place. However, I will apply your techniques when I’m up and running again.
Also, I too arrange my track list in advance. I compiled everything in iTunes, then proceed to sync it with my iPad, which interfaces with my IDJ Pro controller.