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Hello all,
Does anyone know how to use Steam with Voiceover? There is a game on there called Code 7 that has a blind friendly mode. It is an interactive fiction game. I want to try episode zero wich is free but I cant fugure out how to use steam. I am guessing it is possible since the game can be played by the blind.

Greg Wocher



Submitted by Remy on Thursday, December 14, 2017

I can't speak for the Mac, but I know for PC, while the steam site isn't too bad, the app is not accessible. You should be able to download at least the demo from the Code 7 Kickstarter website still. You might also be able to get it from the Humble store which I don't believe requires a client to download stuff. I've been a backer since its inception and I'm happy to report it's certainly worth your time and money. Not only is the gameplay enjoyable, but the story is quite good as well, and probably the best you're going to find on an accessible game so far. The accessible mode has a couple of hickups, such as being unable to change the voice speed, interrupt speech or replay what was spoken, but considering most mainstream games don't even bother trying for accessibility, it's a huge step forward. You could also email the developers directly and ask if there's a way you can purchase it or at least try the demo if neither method I've mentioned works. It would actually be a really good idea to make an app entry on Applevis for this come to think of it.

Submitted by Greg Wocher on Thursday, December 14, 2017

I was able to get Episode 0 installed on steam by using my sons eyes. Thru guess work I was able to actually get it started. None of the steam menus read but can be navigated with no speech. I was able to open up the list of games and because of only having one game on there I was able to hit return and start the game. I then hit control plus V and started the blind friendly mode. It takes a lot of trial and error but it is doable with some patience.

Greg Wocher