using Infovox iVox with the m1 mac.

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hi. i tried to use infovox with the m1 silicon Mac, and it almost caused me to do a reinstall. once i figured out the problem, i uninstalled all of the voices, and uninstalled the program itself. i remember looking at how infovox stores it's voices, on a 2011 Macbook pro. macOS Big Sur doesn't agree with that, because when i installed voices, the default system voices, including the siri voices essentially doubled themselves. 2 alexes, 2 bad newses, etc. when I uninstalled and restarted the machine, everything, including the freezes, the voices doubling in the rotor, voiceover cutting out when scrolling to the speech category all stopped happening and the mac just resumed normal operation.



Submitted by Daniel Angus MacDonald on Thursday, January 21, 2021

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I received an email regarding compatibility of these voices for M 1 Macs. Assistiveware is shift their focus to Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) and stopping all development on the infovox voices. the last update makes them compatible with Big Sur, but not with the M 1 Macs unfortunately. their is an expiration date on purchasing new voice credits and using existing credits.