Using Drummer in Garage Band version 10.3?

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Does anyone know how to use drummer in garage band 10.3? I like the drum tracks in drummer. I want to use the X Y grid in drummer but I don't think it's accessible.



Submitted by Izzie G on Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I bought logic about almost 11 months ago.. Never looked back. I'm gonna make a tutorial as soon as I feel better. But it should almost be the same. Create your track, you'll be popped in to the auto drummer thing, interact with your inspector first, choose what ever it is you want to work with. Whether it be rock, electronic, or hip hop genre. There's more than just that of course. Anyway, choose your drummer, uninteract, go and interact with the drummer editor. Here's where all the fun begins. You'll see play, then a unlabeled button, then the XY pad, then variations, then fills and swing, then finally, presets. Since you were wondering about the pad, that's pritty simple, though sometimes your results my be a bit odd. interact with it, and you'll see XY pad again, then you VO command f5, it'll say XY pad, then click on it with your trackpad/mouse, then move it around to where you want it. Lower left hand corner is very soft and simple, whilst uper right hand corner is very complex and very loud. Make sure you hit the play button a couple elements left of the pad, since it cycles around and plays continuously. Also, if you want to change it again, just VO command f5 over the pad, and move the pointer thing where you'd like it to go. Hope this helps.

Thank you
I interact with the x y pad but after pressing v o command f5 it doesn't do anything. How do I click with the track pad?

Submitted by Carlos Taylor on Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Try the following as this works for me. You can interact with the XY pad by first using VO+Shift+downarrow to interact with the control, then use VO+command+accent to start moving the item within the control. The accent key is located just below the escape key and to the left of the number 1 of the top row of numbers. At that point, you can use up and down arrows to reduce and increase the volume of the drums and left and right arrows to decrease and increase the complexity of the drummer's rhythm. Interestingly, up and down don't simply adjust the volume of the drummer, but it seems to simulate how hard or soft the drummer is hitting the drums. It isn't just a volume thing. Anyway, hope this helps. BTW, I have a recording demonstrating this that I may submit to AppleVis. It needs some editing work done to it but I think will let folks see how this works.

Submitted by Krister Ekstrom on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Could someone please help me with a prejudice i have here: This drummer thing looks mighty cool and is the reason why i will get Logic eventually, but how would i do in Garageband or Logic to make a rhythm a bit mor synchopated if you want to do that or in the middle of a song or the beginning do a simple drum hit with kick and symbols at the beginning of each bar? Iz that at all possible?

Submitted by Izzie G on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wow, i have never tried that. That would make things a lot more simpler. I will definitely give that a try.

Submitted by Bo Jingles on Tuesday, June 26, 2018

How to use Drummer's x/y pad in GB 10.3

Drummer's x/y pad feature is easily accessible in GarageBand 10.3 and earlier versions.

The x/y pad is a rectangle containing a control dot. The sighted user places the mouse cursor on the control dot and drags it anywhere within the rectangle. Dragging it to the left causes the drum pattern to become less complex the farther to the left it is dragged. Conversely, the farther it is dragged to the right, the more complex the drum pattern becomes. Dragging the control dot upward makes the drum pattern louder while dragging it downward makes it softer.

1. Interact with the x/y pad layout area by pressing Shift+Control+Option+Down Arrow.
2. The VoiceOver cursor will be automatically located on the control dot which is called the x/y pad layout item. To move the control dot, use VoiceOver's Move Item Function. The Move Item function is turned on by pressing Command+Option+Control+Accent Key. The Accent key is located beneath the Escape key.
3. Use the arrow keys to move the control dot around within the x/y pad layout area. VoiceOver will speak the loudness/complexity values as the control dot is moved.
4. When done, press the Escape key to exit the Move Item function.

Note: The Move Item function is one of the most important Voiceover commands when using apps such as GarageBand.
It can be used to grab the edge of regions or music notes to lengthen or shorten them. For example, if you interact with a region in the Tracks Contents Group, you can use this command to move the loop handle, the left border handle, or the right border handle. This is like a sighted user clicking on the left or right edge of a region and dragging it to lengthen or shorten it.
This includes lengthening or shortening the cycle region by dragging the left or right locator handles. The cycle region layout item is found in the Tracks Time ruleR Time Line. The Move Item function can also be used to lengthen or shorten the duration of musical notes in the Piano Roll Layout Area by interacting with a note and moving its handles.

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