using Audio Hijack Pro with VoiceOver

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Hi all, I just installed the free version of Audio Hijack Pro, but I'm a little confused about how to use it. First, how do you get to the list of effects or is this not possible with VoiceOver. I went to the effects table, interacted with it, and there was nothing there. Someone recommended that I press VO shift M, but for some reason that didn't work. If som one could give a short summary on how to record and edit content with Audio Hijack Pro, or could tell me how to get to the list of effects, that would be wonderful. Thanks so much, Holly



Submitted by KE7ZUM on Monday, October 29, 2012

The effects panel has always been very clunky to use. I can add an effect but most of them are demos. You cannot edit with audio hijack but to record simply create a new session with the device or software you want to record such as iTunes or skype and hit cmd r to start recording.. I've recorded as well wit the system audio but you must have a pair of headphones on or you will get in to a lot of trouble due to feedback issues. Good luck.

Submitted by Holly on Monday, October 29, 2012

Hi Marrie, Thanks for the advice! I'm thinking about starting a podcast and am trying to figure out what to use. Would Garage band, (if I can figure out how to use it), be easier to use for that sort of thing then since the effects are difficult to access in Audio Hijack Pro?

I really don't use any effects and if I want to I apply them afterwords but dry is always better in my opinion. you don't want to bury your voice behind tons of effects unless you are from the FBI and want to mask it. lol. JK of corse. I actually use amadeus pro to do all of my audio editing. I can make a podcast in gb and have done it but it's not ion my opinion designed for it and take a lot of patience to use.

Submitted by Holly on Tuesday, October 30, 2012

So when you record your podcast, which are really helpful and enjoyable to listen to, what program do you use? I guess I should have explained what I meant a little better. I didn't mean real sound effects. All I want is music for the beginning and end. I am trying to figure out how to change the way the recordings sound. whenever I record anything with AHP it sounds as if I'm in a cathedral and even if I'm using headphones, there is a horrible high-pitched sound from the Mic. I though the effects list was to make the recordings better, not for actual sound effects. But I wuldn't know because I can't get to it. lol I guess I should add that I don't have the full version yet because I want to learn how to use it and be sure I know what I'm doing and how to put the audio files together to create the podcasts.